Do Women lose their Hair?

Women don’t lose their hair, do they?

These are all good questions and of great concern to millions of women, old or young, rich or poor, blue eyes or brown. Hair loss is not gender-specific, unfortunately!

When you think of hair loss, the first images in your mind may be your husband, your boss, your brother, etc. But you probably didn’t think that it happens to women.

Well, it does and it can be very emotionally damaging to women. It is found to be that when a woman loses her hair it is far more noticeable than when a man loses his hair. Women tend to suffer more when their hair begins to thin and even start to fall out in certain areas. This can be a very traumatic event in some women’s’ lives.

There are more than twenty million women in the world dealing with female hair loss of one form or another. There are a few primary reasons that cause women to lose their hair. One reason may be hormonal imbalances. When a woman has a hyperactive or under-active thyroid gland, this may cause thinning hair. When the thyroid problem is taken care of, this will usually help the hair loss. Hormones can also cause hair loss if the female hormones are out of balance. Again, when the problem is fixed or treated, the female hair loss should stop.

Can childbirth make me lose hair?

Childbirth has always been a culprit for some women to lose their hair. Female hair loss can start suddenly during or after pregnancy. This is not usually something to worry about. Once the women’s hormones have returned to the pre-pregnancy levels, the hair should stop falling out and actually grow back in to fill the empty spots. This type of hair loss is only temporary and one should recognize it and don’t take any unnecessary medications or herbs, because it’s only mother nature at work.

What about menopause?

Another cause for female hair loss is during menopause and some forms of hormonal therapy. This is later in life and in some cases even harder to deal with. This can make any woman who is already feeling depressed, because of her age and physical change, feel even lower having to deal with the uncomfortable problem of losing their hair. The problem will likely start to occur after menopause has set in.

However, there is hope for female hair loss. Women do not have to just sit back and watch as they loose their hair day after day. They can visit with their doctor to discuss the many treatments that are out there to help them. There are many creams, vitamins, and treatments to help with this annoying and devastating problem for some.

Female Rogaine can help treat female hair loss. Women can even undergo hair replacement treatment or grafting. This is a process that will take some time, but in the end, it is worth having your own beautiful and thick hair to groom again. Although there are treatments for female hair loss, there are more remedies for men.

The main theme is for women not to give up when faced with female hair loss. They should eat right, take their vitamins and seek help from their doctors to get their hair loss under control, and possibly explore replacement options.

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