Causes of Hair Loss in Teenage and Remedies to deal with the Prevailing Problem

Healthy hair increases the beauty of the personality of everyone. But the changing patterns of food and the environment have brought numerous harmful effects on human health in addition to extensive hair loss. It becomes common in all humans irrespective of gender. However, it results in panic when teenagers face the issue of hair fall. Nowadays most of the boys and girls in their teenage are struggling to have healthy and thick hair. Unfortunately, they remain unable to fulfill their wish and give up by accepting the baldness.  

The hair loss in teenagers is not a natural process but it occurs with the scarcity or lack of essential elements in the body. Moreover, unhealthy and careless activities also result in teenage hair loss. Hair loss in adolescence may lead to unending stress and depression leading to baldness. However, in some cases the hair problem is temporary and hair recovers with the passage of time. 

Causes of Teenage Hair Loss

The causes of teenage hair loss are multifarious in nature. The treatment of these problems requires proper ways to counter these. Some of the top listed causes of teenage hair loss are given below.

  • Hormonal Changes – Main Cause of Teenage Hair Loss

The occurrence of hormonal changes in the human body during adolescence age is one of the major causes of teenage hair loss. It usually occurs when young people, especially teenage girls reach puberty. At that stage, the increase in androgen hormone brings multifarious changes that result in hair loss in one way or the other. Such hormonal changes are common in girls at the age of ten years. 

Moreover, the boys and the girls who use steroids also confront the same issue. The person taking the steroids comes under unwanted and abrupt hormonal changes. All these changes increase the quantity of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in hair follicles leading to hair loss at an early age.

  • Improper Nutrition 

Not getting a proper and balanced diet is the leading cause of teenage hair loss. It is because the human body requires proteins, vitamins, and minerals for proper functioning. The same goes for hair and the human body provides all the essential ingredients for the human scalp to promote hair growth.  

The children who remain unable to get the proper nutrition in their growing age usually become a victim of hair loss in their adolescent age. There are many areas in the world where people like to eat only some specific foods. Such people commonly complain about hair loss in their teenage which ultimately results in baldness when they become adults. 

  • Psychological Disorder

Most of the teenage persons are habitual of pulling their hair unconsciously. Their unconscious activity usually results in leaving small patches of baldness on the scalp. These small patches become the cause of psychological disorders in teenagers. The psychological disorder which is commonly known as trichotillomania brings chemical changes in hair follicles to disturb hair growth. 

Moreover, psychological disorders also disturb the routine of teenagers and they are thrown away from taking care of hair. The carelessness about hair ultimately leads to hair loss which ends with baldness. 

  • Use of Medicines – Most Common Cause Of Teenage Hair Loss

Some of the medicines prescribed in many diseases often cause hair loss. The use of these medicines harm hair follicles and reduce hair growth. Moreover, such medicines weaken the hair roots leading to permanent baldness. 

Young cancer patients having chemotherapy drugs always face the problem of hair loss at a young age. Hair loss in such a situation is simply the side effect of these medicines. 

Besides these, some other medicines also leave side effects which are used for other diseases such as bipolar disorder, ADHD, and many types of acne. Moreover, the pills which are used for weight loss also cause hair loss in many people. 

  • Skin Diseases 

The teenagers who are habitual of pulling their hair at the child age get into the situation that skin diseases usually attack them first in one way or the other. The skin diseases such as alopecia areata damage the skin cell in the scalp leading to the destruction of hair follicles. The dead cells and damaged follicles do not support hair growth and result in hair loss at an early age.

Alopecia areata remains in small intensity at the start but it gets extreme with the passage of time. The small patches of baldness spread in the whole scalp with the passing age of the suffering person. In most cases, people lose all of their hair at the end. Both teenage boys and girls are found to be suffered from it

  • Dead-dealing Diseases 

Fatal diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and thyroid disease are also a major cause of teenage hair loss. These diseases require heavy medicines to be treated. These heavy medicines play a sufficient role in bringing the hormonal changes during adolescence in the young generation. The hormonal changes directly affect the working hair follicle. The disturbed functioning of hair follicles does not favor proper hair growth. This leads to unexpected hair loss in teenagers.

Moreover, the young girls, as well as women, usually face hormone imbalance in polycystic ovary syndrome. This hormonal variance is the ultimate cause of teenage hair loss. 

  • Uneven Hair Growth – Uncontrollable Cause of teenage Hair Fall

Improper hair growth is one of the major causes of teenage hair loss. Some of the young people when going through any happening they usually face hair loss problems. Some events such as accidents and surgery leave unending traumatic effects on the mind of the patient. As a result, the patient goes through the shedding process. In such conditions, hair fall occurs. In some cases, it recovers but most people have to bear it for their whole life ending with baldness. 

The human body works in a specific cycle and hair growth takes time to come on the track. The aftermaths of shedding leave slow and uneven hair growth which is also a major cause of hair loss in the young generation. 

  • Over Styling – Prime Cause of Teenage Hair Loss

The world has become modern and wearing fashion is common among all people. In this regard, Teenage girls are leading the race. They use heating products and a tight hairstyle to look beautiful and pretty. They become successful in looking beautiful at the cost of the health of hair. They end with dry and weak hair. After some time they complain about hair fall which later becomes an unsolvable issue in such girls. 

Similarly, teenage boys also follow the ongoing trends. They also use products full of chemicals. The use of chemicals and heating hair, again and again, results in unhealthy and dry hair. Dryness of scalp weakens hair roots and ultimately results in hair fall. 

  • Excessive Hair Treatments  

Modern fashion requires heating and tight hairstyling. Moreover, teenage boys and girls use hair dryers on wet hair which also damages the hair ruthlessly. The damaged hair then needs hair treatment. Hair stems are treated with the use of chemicals such as bleaching, straightening, and coloring. Such chemicals create breaks in hair that become prominent and cause hair fall.  

These conditions result in the occurrence of traction alopecia. Traction alopecia is the common cause of weak hair follicles. Unhealthy and frail hair follicles cannot produce hair in a proper way. This results in damaged and falling hair.

  • Genetic History 

Genes transfer the hair loss problems from one generation to the other one. The teenagers whose either parents have suffered from hair loss problems in their life also face the hair loss issue at any stage. 

Moreover, the occurring hormonal changes when combined with genes result in the hair fall process. This is common in those teenagers who have hereditary genes to proceed with the hair falling phenomenon. 

Ways to Find the Causes of Teenage Hair Loss

Hair loss problems can cause stress and frustration in humans, especially teenage boys and girls. To save them from getting into a depressed condition it is necessary to find the real causes of teenage hair loss. 

  • Do Concern About Your Styling and Hair Treatments

Asking about the hairstyling products from the stylist is the one way to find the real cause of teenage hair loss. The hair products such as bleach, color, and other oil usually carry harmful chemicals. So it is advisable to gather the information about the product if you face the hair fall problem. If the product is full of the chemical then it will be the real cause of hair loss. However, if the products are free of chemicals then the real cause will be some other. 

  • Know About Your Family History

It is mandatory to know about your family history to track the cause of teenage hair fall. If one of the parents of the teenager is suffering from a hair loss issue then it is because of his/her genes. The genetic history can easily tell about the actual cause of teenage hair loss.

  • Stay Toned About Excessive Shedding

It is important to track the shedding of hair to know about the cause of teenage hair loss. The dust and sunbathing usually result in the shedding of hair but it is not permanent. It recovers after some time. However, some severe incidents may cause excessive shedding which also becomes a well-known cause of teenage hair loss. 

  • Consult Your Doctor

The other way to find the causes of teenage hair loss is to consult your family doctor. The family doctor knows about every member of the family. So it can accurately find the reason for teenage hair loss. Moreover, the family doctor can test your scalp deeply and can verify the genuine reason for the hair loss.  

  • Check for Head Injury

If the boy or girls get confronted with hair loss issues at their teenage, then it is mandatory to check the scalp and find the small bald patches. The small patches can be the cause of teenage hair loss and these must be treated at the right time. Otherwise, these can give birth to many skin diseases. 

Remedial Measures to Counter Teenage Hair Loss

Some cases of teenage hair loss can be treated such as cancer patients. However, most of the people facing hair fall problems can get back their hair with the adaptation of the right remedial measures. Some of these remedies which play a crucial role in limiting teenage hair loss are given below. 

  • Eat a Balanced Diet Full of Omega-3s

To avoid teenage hair loss, teenagers must intake a balanced diet. The food full of omega-3s helps in strengthening hair roots and providing help in hair growth. Thus it is advised to eat all types of food such as vegetables, fruits, meat, dairy products, and herbs. The mixture of these foods can provide your body with proteins, vitamins, minerals, and lipids that support your body to boost hair growth. 

  • Use Herbs and Oil to Moisturize Your Hair

The use of natural herbs and oil is the most effective way to prevent teenage hair loss. Some of the natural herbs are antibiotics in nature. This property helps in treating most of the skin diseases leading to healthier hair. 

Moreover, some of the natural oils such as mustard oil, coconut oil, and amla oil, work as moisturizers and natural conditioners. The use of such oils removes dryness and dandruff and helps in boosting hair growth. 

Therefore, teenage hair loss must be controlled and prevented by using natural herbs and oils.

  • Wash Gently and Regularly

In most of the cold areas in the world, people cannot get washed hair on a regular basis. This, in one way or the other, causes hair loss in teenage boys and girls. Therefore, to avoid the teenage hair loss the teenagers must wash hair on a regular basis to avoid the weakening of hair. 

Besides it, hair must be washed gently to save them from breakage. After hair wash, the must be dried with a soft towel or cotton cloth.  The hard stuff can damage hair and can create open skin cells.

  • Limit Hair Styling

Hairstyling on a daily basis is one of the major causes of teenage hair loss. So it is worth saying that the young boys and girls must avoid excessive hairstyling. In this way, the hair will grow naturally and properly. 

  • Regular and Proper Medical Checkups

The teenagers facing hair loss problems must go through proper and regular medical checkups. So that doctors can find the real cause of teenage hair loss and can take the measures accordingly. 

  • Avoid Psychological Stress

It is the duty of parents to find the psychological disorder in their children and get them treated on time. In this way, the children can be saved to have small patches of baldness. 

  • Adjust Your Hair Care Accordingly

Hair is sensitive and these can be damaged with the use of wrong hair products. Read the tag properly and then buy the hair product free of chemicals and other harmful elements. Buy those hair care which is full of natural herbs and oils.  

  • Avoid Heating Your Hair

Drying the wet hair with the help of a hairdryer can leave damaging effects on hair follicles to prevent hair growth. Teenagers must be provided with the right guidelines that heating the wet hair can result in permanent baldness. By getting all the information, teenagers must avoid heating their hair for styling purposes. 

  • Minimize the Chemical Exposure

The use of excessive chemicals for the treatment of hair is dangerous for hair. To reduce hair loss in teenage the use of chemicals must be limited and avoided as much as you can. For this purpose, the chemical carrying products and hair care must be diminished from your washroom. 

  • Include Vitamin Supplements in Your Diet

Nowadays the food coming in the market is grown with chemicals and sprays. The use of chemicals for growing foods minimizes the essential vitamins, minerals, and proteins. To meet the requirements of the body these vitamins must be taken in the form of medicines. The addition of these supplements can meet the needs of the human body to support hair follicles to grow faster.

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