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Regaine Treatment

Regaine is one of the world’s leading treatments for baldness amongst men.

How does minoxidil stimulate hair growth?

Regaine, based around the chemical Minoxidil is one of the most effective treatments available for re-stimulating hair growth after instances of hair loss, although it is also one of the most inconsistent. With an almost 66% success rate ranging across moderate to thick hair growth, Minoxidil is one of the most effective treatments available over the counter. Just ask your doctor for more information on Minoxidil, or for a prescription for your condition.

How often should you use Regaine?

Regaine is a Minoxidil solution, which is required to be applied twice each day to the area of hair loss. Although it is not clear for certain exactly how it works, it is thought that given its roots as a treatment for patients with heart problems that Minoxidil increases blood flow to hair follicles in order to promote growth. Unfortunately, Minoxidil receives mixed reviews and fails to chart any improvement at all in a number of patients, which can be a bit disheartening, particularly considering the cost price of the product. Ultimately, there is no noticeable correlation between any physical or inherent genetic characteristic and effectiveness, therefore it is purely down to chance as to whether the treatment may or may not be effective. Of course, your doctor may have experienced over a number of cases and be more likely to offer an accurate reflection based on these experiences, but there is the definitive guide to answering these questions.

Does regaine really work?

Research work is ongoing as far as the effectiveness of Minoxidil is concerned, although there is certainly no doubt that it does work for a number of patients. Although some report initial increased hair loss, overall they find the treatment a hassle-free way of building up thicker, stronger hair in a short period of time. Some people swear by it, whereas others remain unconvinced. All factors considered Minoxidil and Regaine are probably worth a shot, given their effectiveness with certain patients.

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