Hair Transplant Scars – Are These Easy to Remove or Lasts Forever


A hair transplant is a surgical technique. It used to cover the balding part of the body. In this technique, hair follicles are removed from the donor part and placed on the recipient site. It is used to treat baldness, facial grooming such as eyebrows and eyelashes and skin drafting.


Hair transplant scars a surgical technique. When the hair follicles are extracted they leave a tiny round scar, up to 1 millimeter in is based on how many hair follicles are dragged, this can add up to many hundreds or thousands of opening mark scars. These scars may look like tiny white particles after treatment. One to four hairs are concluded in one follicle.

Are Hair Transplant Scars Long-lasting or Can Be Removed?

A hair transplant which is a surgical process is not new, but it has existed in the world for centuries. However, it became famous in the last few years.  

Therefore the hair transplant scars are not permanent and These can be removed by hair transplant surgery.

Although the surgical technique is not a safe process it can harm the skin as well as the scalp. 

Types of Surgical Techniques: 

Two types of surgical techniques can be used to have a hair transplant. These two most famous and most efficient procedures are adopted by the famous surgeons worldwide. These techniques are totally different from each other and leave opposite side-effects including injury. It totally depends on the skills of your surgeon that how accurately it can treat the problem of baldness in males as well as in females. You may choose one of the best techniques to have a hair transplant by keeping in mind the following factors.

  • Find the pattern of your hair loss
  • Look deeply into the areas where the hair becomes thin and less
  • Consult your doctor to find the type of scar you are having
  • The quality and amount of the donor’s hair must be observed

Techniques of Hair Transplant

The most commonly used techniques are:

  • FUT: Follicular Unit Transplantation
  • FUE: Follicular Unit Extraction

Both of the surgical processes are explained below in detail

  • FUT: Follicular Unit Transplantation

In this procedure, the strips for hair transplants are taken from the part of the body which is called a donor. 

The backside of the scalp and the heads are the most common donors in the body for hair transplantation. With the removal of the required strip, the affected area is structured and left for some time so that recovery can be made easy.

After the completion of a hair transplant, the scars in the form of lines can appear on the affected parts of the body such as the forehead, eyebrow, and beard. Somebody parts can face large scars that are prominent to see. 

The FUT process is a painful method that can cause bleeding while leaving other side-effects such as swelling. However, different persons get different results.

  • FUE: Follicular Unit Extraction

The second procedure of hair transplant is the FUE which is more effective and less painful than FUT. 

In that method, the hair is also taken from the backside of the scalp which is the most common donor element in the human body. For this purpose, a small tool is used which easily removes the hair follicles without any pain. 

The extraction of the hair follicles is not a harmless process but it leaves extremely small round dots behind which are the main cause of hair transplant scars. 

The extraction of hair follicles depends on the size of the scar which needs to be filled for the purpose of new hair. 

After getting the required amount of hair follicles, these are attached to the affected area of the body.

The procedure takes a lot of time to be completed. In some cases, it needs many days to be done accurately. However, it is necessary to repeat the procedure several times for the complete process.

It is mandatory to repeat the process to gain accurate results. The repetition can be done after several months according to your skin type. 

Hair transplant scar removal

Multifarious procedures are used for the removal of the hair transplant scars that prevent the thinning and falling of hair follicles. These scars are the outcome of the surgical procedures, especially the FUT method.

However, the process of hair transplantation is the artificial procedure that can be unsuccessful and may leave a permanent scar on the parts from where hair follicles are extracted. 

The scars, in some other cases, become prominent due to hair loss and thinning of hair follicles. The hair loss in some individuals is a genetic problem while others undergo it due to the deficiency of essential vitamins and minerals. The most prominent cause of hair loss is the aging factor which may make the hair transplant scar long-lasting and impossible to treat.

On the other hand, the method of hair transplants such as FUT uses grafts which may increase the size of scars on the scalp, eyebrows, chin, and beard.

These scars can be removed with some care and some specific methods. The hair transplant technique such as FUE is more efficient as compared to the FUT because it does not allow the hair follicles to leave the tiny hair scars.

Most of the cases need to be treated with proper and regular use of medicines to make the skin beneath the hair healthy and well-nourished. This is done because the scars do not exist on the well-nourished and healthy skin. 

It is highly recommended to consult your doctor before going to the treatment or use of any type of medicine. The deep examination of the scars by the doctor can help you to find the real problem and take suitable action accordingly. 

How to Conceal Scars

It is not too easy to conceal scars overnight or with some shortcut techniques. The process of concealing the sars is straightforward and needs an unbeatable effort to be done. There are numerous options with the use of which the scars can be hidden and hair can be grown on these scars. 

  • The use of cosmetics to hide the scars is the most common and affordable.
  • The other one is hair transplantation.

The scars are of different types one of which is keloid scars. Keloid scars are very hard to be removed and need a long time to be hidden.

These scars raise and get enlarged with the passage of the time.  It can be known with the consultation of the professional doctor who is a specialist in the fields of hair transplant surgery. 

Moreover, the following methods can be used for this purpose. 

Disguise your scar 

Different types of treatments are used to cover the scars left due to numerous reasons. 

  • TMP: Tricopigmentation (TMP)

Tricopigmentation is the momentary or the short procedure which is used to cover the scar for a short period of time. 

This process is completed with the use of temporary ink on the upper layer of the scalp. The ink is not permanent and can be removed if needed.

The duration of the treatment is long but is not too long. It makes irritation and the patient feels uncomfortable during the whole process. 

  • Laser treatment

Laser treatment is the other important technology that is used for hair transplant to cover the scars.

The laser is the latest technology that directly hits the affected areas to remove the scars gently and smoothly. 

It works on the dermis layer to give the best results for the provision of more elasticity to the skin of the scalp. 

  • SMP: Scalp micro pigmentation 

In this method, tattoos are made on the scars for the purpose of covering these. 

However, the tattoos are made permanent on the scars and cannot be removed in the whole life of the patients. 

It takes a lot of time to be completed in many phases varying from person to person. 

Hair Transplant For Women

The follicular unit method is the best procedure for women to have hair transplant surgery. However, it also works for men but is great to achieve the best results for women because it provides a natural look to hair. 

Some of the most common patterns in women are explained below. 

  • Regrowth of Hairline

Most of the women suffer from the thinning of the hairline which is the result of any disease or the injury due to an accident. To make the hair manageable and controllable hair transplant method is used for women to get the best results.

  • Repairing hair loss 

Some women are the victims of hair loss which ultimately results in baldness. To prevent hair loss, women select the hair transplant procedure.

  • Making Eyebrows Thick

Some women with thin hair, have light and thin eyebrows. To make the appearance good and attractive they go for the hair transplant method. 

  • Alopecia 

In this type of hair transplant, the alopecia in women is treated carefully to preserve the hairline. 

  • Cover scars

The plastic surgery and many other factors leave scars on the face, head and other parts of the body. For the purpose, to cover these scars most women like hair transplantation. 

  • Lowering high frontal hairlines

There are many cases when women have high and thick hairlines. To make it beautiful women go for surgery. 

Hair Transplant Cost

Many products guarantee to improve the volume or help you grow more hair. But most aren’t all that beneficial.

The satisfactory way to add or increase hair to an area can be with a Hair transplant.

But how much does a hair transplant cost?

There’s not a clear cut, the simple answer to this question. Both procedures and healing come at a price and both have numerous factors that will represent the total cost of the transplant.

What is the Cost of Hair Transplant?

The method of removal of scars through hair transplant surgery is not a one day or shortcut procedure, but it is a long term process that includes different types of expenses that occur during the whole procedure. 

In most of the cases, the hair transplant cost ranges from 4000 USD to 15,000 USD. This is unaffordable and middle-class men cannot go for hair transplants. 

Most of the people go for cosmetics to cover the scars to avoid the expenses of the hair transplant. 

  • Travel costs

First of all, you have to choose the best doctor. After searching for the specialist for hair transplant you need to visit the doctor which costs a lot of money. 

  • Area Cost

Most of the clinics have different packages for people living in different areas. Besides it, the fee of the surgeon also varies from place to place.

  • Surgeon Fee

The surgeons near to the home of the patients charge more as compared to the surgeons far from the home of the patients. 

  • Package Fee

The cost of the package which the patient chose is entirely different. For example, the cost of FUT is totally different from the expenses of FUE. 

How does hair transplantation work?

The hair transplantation technique is used to cover the scars that may affect the personality of a person. For this purpose, small patches of hair follicles are collected from the parts of the body( donor areas) and then stick to the parts where scars exist. 

After that, the PRP treatment is done to get the best results. The use of PRP treatment makes it easy to treat deep and thick scars. 

Different Types of Hair Transplants Scars

Hair transplantation is used to hide the scars on the head and beard scars on the facial areas such as on the cheek, chin or upper lip. Eyebrow transplantation is most common to hide scars over the eyebrows. To cover the scars from the chin the hair transplant surgery is done on the facial areas.

  • Scars due to Injuries 

This type of scars occurs when the patient undergoes some type of injury during an accident or burns. 

In most of the cases, these scars can be removed with surgery for hair transplantation. 

  • Congenital Scars

Congenital scars are due to the bald patches which are common in millions of the people. These are most commonly present on the head, eyebrows, and beard. These scars differ in size from one part to the other. 

  • Scar After FUT 

The people suffering from baldness problems use the surgical technique to regain their hair. But the extraction of hair follicles from the back leaves scars on the back of the scalp which become prominent with the passage of the time. 

Such people then want to cover these scars. In some cases, these are possible to remove but most cases face hurdles for the removal of these scars.

Is It Easy to Have a Hair Transplant on a scar?

Hair transplant scars are different in their nature. Some of these scars are very to remove. These can be treated with the use of medicine regularly.

However, some scars are not too easy to be removed or be treated. They need hair transplantation surgery.

In some extreme cases, the hair transplant scars are impossible to be removed

Best hair transplants doctors in the world

All hair surgeons are not equally professional in their work. This industry is more dangerous today. Unfortunately, things are messy today. The last decade has seen a tremendous boost in that industry. For better results, every individual wants to consult a professional and best doctor. The world’s most popular professional doctors are listed below. 

Hair transplants results

The hair loss problem is common in all generations but the hair transplant is the unique way of the regeneration of hair. The best results can be achieved in the following given situations.

  • When hair becomes thin due to deficiency of essential vitamins
  • Any disease or trauma can cause hair loss
  • Any type of accident which leaves injury on head, chin or eyebrows. 

However, there are many causes when hair transplant cannot work properly such as:

  • Chemotherapy and excessive use of medicines is the cause of hair loss
  • Deep injuries in the scalp leave deep-rooted scars
  • The quick procedure of hair thinning that leads to baldness.

Hair transplant before and after

A hair transplant is most effective for men and women in most of the cases. After a hair transplant surgery, the person can get a different and more attractive look. The following pictures are a true example of hair transplant results.

01. Before and after the results of the front hair transplant. 

02. Before and after the results of a forehead hair transplant. 

03. Before and after the results of the side hair transplant. 

04. Before and after the results of back hair transplant. 

05. Before and after the results of front hair transplant in women. 

06. Before and after the results of thinning hair loss transplants in women.

07. Before and after the results of thinning eyebrow hair transplant in women. 

Hair Transplants Recovery

 The hair transplant technique differs from person to person and leaves different results for different people. In each phase, the spots and the healing areas act differently. The recovery process completes in almost one year while going through different phases.

  • First Week

The first week after surgery is difficult for the patient as it is the time when the patient is suffering from bleeding, swelling, pain and prominent injuries caused due to the extraction of hair follicles. However, the blood clots become removable during the first week of the operation. 

  • Second Week

In the second week, the patient feels some relaxation as it is the time of the removal of the staples made during the surgery. That time you need to visit your doctor frequently for a proper consultation and examination

  • Two Months

The end of the first month promotes the growth of hair follicles to regenerate new hair on the bald patches. The newly grown hair is very soft and sensitive at the start but after some time these adopt the shape of the existing hair of the person.

  • Six Months

The new hair follicles grow with the quicker speed and reach up to the length of 3 inches in the first six months. 

  • Ten Months

This is the period of the real growth of the hair follicles during which the hair becomes strong and healthy.

  • One Year

One year is the completion period during which the process of hair plantation is completed and the new hair reaches their peak. 

Frequently Asked Questions

While going for hair transplant surgery for the removal of the hair transplant scars, every person is confronted with multifarious questions that need to be answered correctly and quickly. The questions, which are commonly asked, are given below.

  1. How is surgery performed to cover hair transplant scars?
  2. Is transplant a good option for women as well?
  3. How much time is required for a hair transplant?
  4. How much time is required to recover from a procedure?
  5. What are the risks involved in hair transplant?
  6. What are hair transplant scars?
  7. What is the hair transplant actually?
  8. What are the best methods for hair transplants?

It is necessary to answer all such questions so that one person can decide accurately about the hair transplant surgery. All these questions are answered below to the extent of accuracy.

How is surgery performed to cover hair transplant scars?

Hair transplant surgery is performed to cover scars. It is covered by hair. In this procedure, hairs are obtained from the host site and placed on an effective site.

Is hair transplant a good option for women as well?

Yes, it is also effective for women. For head hair transplants, it gives the perfect result. In the case of eyebrows and eyelashes, host hair is obtained from the back head. So I need to cut my hair regularly to get in better shape.

How much time is required for hair transplant?

A hair transplant meeting can take time. In some cases, it can go for three or four hours. Your stitches on cuts will be removed around 10 days after the medical procedure. You may require up to three or four meetings to accomplish it and the full head of hair you want Meetings to happen a while separated to permit each transplant to completely recover.

How much time is required to recover from a procedure?

It is a time taking process, almost one year requires to complete it. It proceeds in six phases
First week
Second week
One to two month period
Five to six month period.
Eight to ten-month period
One year period
After one year’s surgery process is completed, you don’t need to take special care of it.

What are the best methods for hair transplants?

There are various hair transplant methods. There are plenty of stories about hair transports. To get a better clean and perfect result everyone should know about the best method of hair transplant. So the following are the best hair transplant methods.
Follicular Unit Extraction ( FUE)
Follicular Unit Transplant(FUT)

What are the risks involved in hair transplant?

Hair transplant surgery is not an easy procedure. It involves numerous risks such as infection and bleeding. In addition to this, an unnatural hair look is also the risk while going for hair transplant surgery. Also, the hair may grow unnaturally and in awkward patterns. However, people with sensitive skin may face the problem of inflammation and infection.

What are hair transplant scars?

The extraction of hair from the scalp leaves numerous small rounds of an area without hair. These small round areas are one millimeter in size and are called scars. These scars expand with an increase in the extraction of hair follicles. These hair scars look like a tiny small white dots on the scalp

What is the hair transplantation actually?

Hair transplantation is a medical and surgical procedure that helps to remove hair follicles from one part of the body and implant on the other part of the same body.
The part of the body from which hair follicles are to be removed is called the donor site and the receiving part is called the recipient.
This technique is usually used to treat baldness in men as well as women.

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