Folexin Hair Loss Supplement: Support Natural Hair Growth and Prevent Graying

Hair loss is very common in all age groups. The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) notes that 80 million men and women in America have hereditary hair loss (Alopecia).

It’s normal to lose between 50–100 hair daily, however, if you notice more hair fall, then you should look for an immediate solution to prevent further hair loss.

There are different reasons that cause hair loss such as hormonal changes, stress, thyroid disorders, nutritional deficiency and intake of some medications. 

What is the Folexin Hair Loss Supplement?

Folexin is an advanced hair growth supplement containing active ingredients that boost your hair growth, preventing them from loss and graying. This natural supplement is designed in a special way to promote the growth of new hair and enhance the length of your hair and overall hair health.

How does Folexin work?

Folexin works naturally by speeding up the growth process and development of new hairs, strengthens your hair follicles and improves your hair quality. This product combats hair loss regardless of the cause and provides you strong hair. Folexin works best for the damaged hair that’s caused by overuse of chemicals such as hair dyes, hair creams, and hair sprays.

Moreover, it stops the graying of the hair due to the action of PABA and folic acid and therefore, it can reverse the graying process and giving the hair its original color.

What does Folexin contain?

This rich formula contains lots of beauty vitamins and minerals that support your hair health and improve overall health.

The below list includes the key ingredients that are present in this product.


Also called vitamin B7, considered the MAIN active ingredient in Folexin. Biotin stops the thinning of the hair and alopecia that occurs due to the deficiency of Biotin in your body. This supplement contains 200% of the required daily amount of Biotin. Taking this supplement will cover Biotin deficiency and hence treating the cause of hair loss. In addition, Biotin prevents brittle nails and provides you strong nails. Biotin Helps Nourish your skin and improves the skin tone. 


This Chinese herb is playing an important role as it increases blood circulation to your scalp leading to stimulation of hair growth. This hair tonic is used to prevent graying of the hair and promotes hair growth.

Horsetail Extract:

It contains Silica and Selenium and treats the hair loss, strengthens the hairs from the roots to the ends and improves hair shine. 

Bamboo extract:

It is extracted from the bamboo plant that’s rich in nutrients that works as anti-oxidants. Brilliant for sensitive or dry scalp as it has anti-irritant effects. Besides its benefits for hair, it hydrates the skin and prevents it from aging.

Nettle Root:

It works as an anti-inflammatory agent, treats the damaged hair follicles, decreases the inflammation in the scalp and prevents hair loss. Nettle root is rich in silica that helps in hair shining. 


Playing a major role in providing the proper required blood supply to the roots, encouraging hair growth. 


It refers to Para Amino Benzoic Acid, considered as a part of vitamin B Complex. PABA when taken with folic acid (that is present in this formula), will act in reversing the graying process and will take your hair back to its original color. PABA is considered as the best solution for gray hair. The Journal of Investigative Dermatology published a report on “DARKENING OF GRAY HAIR DURING PAItA-AMINO-BENZOIC ACID THERAPY”. The study concluded that the darkening of gray hair was observed in 5 out of 20 individuals who received large amounts of para-aminobenzoic acid for the treatment of certain clinical disorders.

Vitamin D3:

The deficiency of Vitamin D3 is linked to hair loss. This formula contains 800 IU of vitamin D3 that is 200% of the daily value (DV) that is required by an individual to consume daily to maintain good health. A review article on “The role of vitamin D in hair disorders and hair follicle cycling” concluded that Vitamin D plays an important role in hair cycling and treatment of other hair disorders.

Folic Acid:

It promotes cell division and synthesis of DNA and amino acids. Folic acid also helps in the absorption of the nutrients in the body, consequently, the hair follicles will receive the maximum amount of the nutrients that support hair growth. Furthermore, folic acid is working in the prevention of premature graying

In addition to the above listed active ingredients, Folexin is rich with many other natural ingredients such as saw palmetto, spirulina, barley grass, and vitamins A, C, D3, E, B1, B6, B12, and B5.

The abovementioned active ingredients in this unique formula interact and work synergistically with each other, resulting in thick, shiny, long and healthy hair.

How to take Folexin?

Folexin is taken orally. Take 2 capsules daily after a meal with a full glass of water. It is advised to take one capsule after lunch and one capsule after the dinner; however, there is no harm if you take 2 capsules at once. 

After lunch
After Dinner
1 Capsules1 Capsules

It is important to take your dose regularly for at least 2 months to notice the results.

Don’t forget to drink lots of water and for the best results, you should take this supplement after a heavy meal as Folexin will be absorbed in your body in a high amount giving you the best results.



What is the Price of Folexin?

  • 1 bottle of Folexin (60 capsules for 1 month) – $24.95
  • 2 bottles of Folexin (120 capsules for 2 months) – $44.96
  • 4 bottles of Folexin (300 capsules for 4 months) – $89.90

How to buy Folexin?

Folexin is only available online; you can’t get it from the local pharmacy or drug store.

Place your order and get it shipped to your home door in just 3-5 business days.


Briefly, we can say that Folexin is very effective for hair growth and prevention from graying hair. This great formula is not only working for your hair but also it works in supporting your skin and nails as it contains the recommended daily value of the vitamins as per the FDA.

Don’t worry if you are having hair loss as the solution is in your hand, try Folexin and enjoy the results!!

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