Keratin Complex Infusion Therapy Keratin Replenisher

This is an amazingly moisturizing hair cream, that is great for use before heating your hair. It locks in moisture perfectly and helps maintain smooth hair all day after straightening. Moreover, it makes styling hair easier and helps them stay immensely manageable for long periods. Isn’t that absolutely amazing? We shook too! 

Apart from this, it contains Soy proteins and keratin which makes the formula so rich, and still lightweight. Furthermore, this ensures frizz-free hair. Sounds like a fairytale? Well, it’s a fairytale come true, I promise! The best part is, it is perfect for all hair types and helps protect those locks against humidity allowing you to rock that straight look u put in so much time and effort for.

TRESemme Expert Selection Shine Serum Keratin Smooth

TRESemmé is one of the most trusted brands out there, for hair products. Hence, we had no reason to not try this. However, we were shocked by the results, and it was not at all disappointing. The product truly lives up to the brand name, trust us. In reality, it helps fight all hair problems, be it frizzy or tangled hair and any other problem. TRESemmé shine serum will help you get rid of it all, and lock in the straightness you heated your hair for! 

It contains keratin and marula oil. However, the formula is not at all greasy, and looks as amazing as it feels on the hair. What is there not to like? It is literally a win-win situation! It ensures to provide the hair with an extremely healthy look and helps maintain protect hair against heat while making the results last much longer than usual. For us, this was a genie’s wish come true. Why don’t you try for yourself and find out?

IGK Good Behavior Spirulina Protein Smoothing Spray

Haven’t we all heard of IGK and the hype about it? Well, it is actually true. Moreover, just like the product’s name, it surely allows your hair to behave well. Especially when you want it to, which is after you spend hours in front of the mirror straightening your hair, working for your hands out? In reality, this is like getting an expensive keratin treatment and not having to go through the long term damage and after effects! I swear to you, this product does not disappoint even one bit. 

The best part is, this product is completely cruelty-free which is the main reason we were compelled to try this out. However, it was a great thing as this product has become our top pick. In fact, it’s not only raved about by us but is also an Amazon’s top choice. This product reduces heat and UV damage, and allows the hair to be immensely soft to the feel and look very smooth! Moreover, it is perfect for all types of hair and has results that are to die for.

COLOR WOW Dream Coat Supernatural Spray Anti humidity Prevents Frizz Heat Protectant

This is great for glossy, straight hair that lasts all day long. I mean, this helped us feel that working out hands to get a straight look did not go down the drain. Moreover, it allows the hair to look extremely silky, frizz-free, and smooth. Ladies, I swear I saw heads turning and women screaming compliments at my hair. Moreover, my hair was frizz-free and straight for about eighteen hours which is better than so many other products. I mean, 18 hours on a humid day? Big deal, I tell you. 

This ensures to coat each strand allowing more protection against heat. Hence, your hair will remain safe from heating damage and will have you drooling as well. Moreover, the product also helps keep flyaways out of your way and keeps you rocking and looking beautiful with your perfect hair all day long. So ladies, is it going to be Color Wow or expensive salon trips that take away hours easily? As this may be pricy, but salon treatments literally empty your wallets within one visit. Moreover, the product has zero builds up and does not interfere with the natural weight of your hair and feels extremely light and natural.

John Frieda Frizz Ease 3 day Flat Iron Spray Heat activated Straightening Spray to Block Out Frizz with Keratin Protein

This product is great and can work its magic for up to three days, which is amazing. I mean not having to shampoo for three whole days is a big achievement for most of us, if I am not wronged. The formula is rich, and unique that allows your hair to feel maintained and remain frizz-free for around 28 hours and more. Moreover, a secret for you ladies is that the product has recently become an Amazon choice and is on sale! Hurry and grab yours, you know you want to.

Moreover, it allows your hair to look smooth, and silky all day. It also adds a softer feel to your hair and helps keep your confidence high in the sky. Similarly, it helps bring salon results and quality right at home, isn’t that amazing?