10 Best Hair Clippers in 2022 for Home and Professional Use

The best hair clipper is the basic element for your hair styling. Hairstyling is one of the most prevailing trends in the modern age. Everybody either male or female goes to opt for the best ways for cutting and trimming of hair. For this purpose, people use two ways. One is to go to the barbershop and the other one is to have a hair cut on their own. Both ways require the best hair clipper to fulfill the purpose. There are multifarious clippers in the market that can be used but there are only a few which serve best for cutting and trimming.

The barber needs the top quality hair clipper to perform his duty. If he remains unable to find the best tool to do the task it may affect his job severely. To avoid any mishappening he must choose one of the premium hair clippers wisely and professionally.  

The same goes for a do-it-yourself barber. The person who loves cutting and trimming by himself must choose the best hair clipper by considering the reviews of hair clippers present on the Amazon store. 

However, the hair clippers for home are quite different from those which are used by professional barbers. All these types of hair clippers have some advantages as well as disadvantages. The Amazon product reviews tell that the best hair clippers have some distinctive properties. Moreover, these come with or without cord.


Based on our research, the market is full of many good hair clippers but all the hair clippers do not carry all the essential features. First, you identify your need then go for the two most recommended hair clippers. One is best for home and the other one works great for professionals.

  1. Remington HC4250 Haircut Kit – Best for Home
  2. Wahl Balding Clipper #8110 – Best For Professionals

These two hair clippers are best in their performance. They best suit the requirements and provide you with the facility to perform your duty whether you are a DIY user or a barber.

Besides these two, the top 10 hair clippers that are best in the market are also given below with all the required details.

  • Remington HC4250 Haircut Kit – Best for Home
Remington HC4250 Haircut Kit

Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro Self-Haircut Kit is the best hair clipper and a beard trimmer for men. it is the most demanding clipper as it gives a precise haircut and is more significant due to its gripping quality. It makes haircutting a fast, easy and most precise process for you. It is small-sized and completely fits in your palm to facilitate you for reaching the back of your head. Its small size precisely cut your hair around the neckline and narrow areas around the ears. 

Prominent Features 

Some of the prominent features are given below

  • Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro Self-Haircut Kit has sharp blades that are made of stainless steel. The sharp blades can easily go through the thick hair.
  • Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro Self-Haircut Kit carries a comb which is 9 length to give the desired look.
  • It is designed with the use of Lithium Rechargeable Battery that has a 40-minute runtime during cordless use. However, the clipper can also be used with a cord. 
  • The kit of the hair clipper includes a 9 length comb for adjustments, handheld clipper, oil, cleaning brush, and a travel pouch. 
  • Moreover, it has an extra-wide blade to cover the maximum area on your head to make the haircutting fast and speedy. 
  • The hair clipper is washable and you can clean it after use without any wear and tear. 

Why do Users like it?

Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro Self-Haircut Kit is liked by most of the users due to its unique features. The reviews by user let us know that the following features are made it most demanding hair clipper 

  • Wide Curved Blade
  • Faster in cutting hair
  • The flat edge above the clipper
  •  Small size


  • Lithium Battery with a 40-minute runtime
  • Sharp stainless steel blades
  • Washable and removable blade
  • The ergonomic design makes to fit in your hand
  • Length adjusting combs
  • Corded and cordless use
  • Guiding combs


  • Use with a cord can destroy the battery
  • Too small case – only holds clipper and attached accessories
  • Lack of adjustable length blade

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  • Wahl Balding Clipper #8110 – Great for Barbers and Stylists 
Wahl Balding Clipper

Wahl Balding Clipper #8110 is designed for professional barbers. It is built with the use of an electromagnetic motor that fulfills the demand of professionals. It works with twice speed as compared to the pivot motor clippers. Along with fast haircutting, it gives a close shave for the full head balding.

Prominent features

This is the must-have clipper of a barber’s shop. It has some distinctive features to work in the best way. These are given below.

  • It has an electromagnetic motor to prove a faster speed for use. This fast clipper makes it easy to cut the thick hair at a speed twice of the clipper with pivot motor
  • The 5-star balding clipper carries all the necessary attachments with it. The pack includes oil, cleaning brush, 2 combs, red blade guards with instruction. 
  • It comes with a cord that is chemical resistant and used for providing it faster speed.
  • It has self-sharpening titanium cutting blades that are skin-friendly.

Why do Users Like It?

From the users’ review, it comes into light that the following specifications are the unique features of the clipper that makes it be liked by the users.

  • Wahl’s shorter blade to give a closer shave
  • Guide combs for multiple shades
  • Shaves head like a razor blade


  • Professional titanium cutting blades
  • Skin-friendly design
  • Cleansing brush and oil
  • Great in performance
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to handle


  • Creates too much noise

Buy Wahl Balding Clipper #8110

  • Oster Classic Model 10 Professional Hair Grooming Clipper – Equally Works for Personal and Professional 
Oster Classic Model 10 Professional Hair Grooming Clipper

Oster Model 10 Classic Professional Barber Salon Pro Hair Grooming Clipper is designed by following the traditional skills. The distinctive techniques used for its design make it a perfect tool for barbers. Oster Model 10 Grooming Clipper is made sleek and compact along with the proper provision of the power. The design is made of durable and break-resistant housing.  

Prominent Features

Model 10 is the perfect tool for barbers to provide them with ease to perform their duty. The prominent features of the clipper are given below. 

  • Universal motor with maximum runtime
  • Power cord with extra 10 feet length
  • Detachable blades in two sizes i.e #000 and #001
  • Long-Lasting and durable housing
  • Lubricating oil along with a cleansing brush 
  • Blade guards for the purpose of protection

Why Do Users Like It?

From the users’ review, it comes into light that the following specifications are the unique features of the clipper that makes it be liked by the users.

  • Long-Lasting and high maintenance
  • Blades can be individually bought
  • Smooth clipper motors
  • Skin-friendly and pleasant blades


  • Easy to use
  • Sturdiness
  • Closer haircut
  • Compact size


  • Gets hot on during
  • A little bit noisy
  • Non-adjustable blades

Buy Oster Classic Model 10

  • Ceenwes Professional Cordless Haircut Kit – Equally Suits DIY and Barbers  
Ceenwes Professional Cordless Haircut Kit

Senwes hair clipper is built in such a way that it provides you with all the necessary things which you need for cutting or trimming your hair. Trimming of hair with this amazing hair clipper is an easy task. It is economical and useful for home as well as a barbershop.

Prominent Features

Ceenwes Professional Cordless Hair Cutting kit is a complete tool for home and salon to have a professional and stylish haircut. It has some distinctive features which are given below.

  •  Ceenwes hair clipper comes with a motor that has varying speed. The motor can provide you with three different speeds i.e 5000RPM, 5800RPM, and 6500RPM.
  • The clipper carries an adjustable blade to give you a precise length setting. The length of the blade can be adjusted from 0.8mm to 2.0mm. 
  • Ceenwes haircut kit includes 8 guiding combs with different sizes to help you in attaining the desired height of the clipper. 
  • The Ergonomic design of the clipper provides comfort to have a secure and fitted grip in your hand. 
  • Blades are designed in R-type blunt angle shape to make the hair clipper skin-friendly
  • It is also provided with an intelligent LCD Display to show the rotating speed, charging alert, battery capacity, and oil alert. 
  • Titanium blades work efficiently on long hair by preventing skin irritation.  
  • It has a fast rotating motor that trims and cuts your hair faster and smoothly. It does not create any noise. 
  • Ceenwes hair clipper has two options for charging. One is through Official Adopter and the other includes the Charging Station Adapter.
  • The accompanied scissor is of high quality.

Why Do Users Like It?

From the users’ review, it comes into light that the following specifications are the unique features of the clipper that makes it be liked by the users.

  • Sharp blades that don’t clog with hair
  • Also good for beard
  • Solid charge
  • Excellent battery performance


  • Titanium and ceramic blades
  • Two-way charging process
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to handle
  • Ergonomics design
  • Self Hair Cutting system
  • Smooth haircutting
  • Very light
  • Strong power
  • Low noise


  • Can’t be washed
  • Gets warm while using

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  • Color Pro Haircutting Kit by Wahl – Best For Barbers
Color Pro Haircutting Kit by Wahl

Color Pro Clipper Kit is the complete grooming tool for cutting and trimming. It comes with color-coded combs that help you to pick the right comb size to achieve your desired hairstyle. Moreover, the clipper comes with a heavy-duty motor that is best for exceptional power. Also, it has self-sharpening precision ground blades. Along with the color-coded combs, the hair clipper includes the essential accessories to have a good looking hairstyle. In addition to these, it also includes a storage case along with a handle grip. 

Prominent Features

Color Pro  Haircutting Kit by Wahl is the most demanding and favorite product of the users. Some distinctive and prominent features make it favorable among the users. Some of the most prominent features are given below.

  • Combs are included with coded colors to make it easy to have the desired haircutting. 
  • It comes with a variety of cutting lengths that provide you an easy to cut and trim your hair smoothly.
  • The color-coded combs make the cutting process quick and easy by providing the right combination. 
  • This is a 20 piece grooming kit that includes 2 hair clips, styling combs, eyebrow trim combs, flat top comb, cleaning brush, blade oil, 9 guide combs, blades guards, pocket comb, ear trimming combs, and much more. 
  • It provides a soft-touch grip for comfortable use.
  • It comes with self-sharpening carbon ground  blades 
  • Code keys help to select the correct comb for use.

Why Do Users Like It?

From the users’ review, it comes into light that the following specifications are the unique features of the clipper that makes it be liked by the users.

  • Different coded color combs
  • Less noisy
  • Lightweight clipper
  • Ergonomic design
  • Smooth to use


  • Self-sharpening precision grounding blades
  • Complete set of color guided color combs
  • Adjustable taper lever
  • Easy step-by-step color instructions


  • Made for USA outlets only
  • Not for international use
  • Gets warm while using

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  • Wahl Stainless Steel Hair Clipper- Best for Home as Well as Barbershop
Wahl Stainless Steel Hair Clipper

Wahl Stainless Steel Hair Clipper is one of the best clippers that is loaded with all accessories that are required for the best stylish hair cut. A user at home can easily trim the hairs of the nose, ear hairs, and beard as well with the best-desired cut. Additionally, the kit includes a storage pouch, cleaning brush, blade oil, one rechargeable beard trimmer, detailed shaver head, rotary nose/ear/brow detailed head, four stubble guide combs, and eight guide combs. Besides these accessories, the Wahl Stainless Steel Hair Clipper comes with some additional accessories that are; No. 1/2 – 1/16 inches Guide, T-Blade 7/8 inches Guide, T-Blade 3/8 inches Guide and even more.   

Prominent Features

Wahl Stainless Steel Hair Clipper Model 9818 is an amazing available clipper in the market that fully satisfies the user at home and professionals too. The following features make it different from the rest of the available devices in the market.

  • This Clipper has a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery that gives a durable time with 110v and 220v international.
  • It comes with a Complete Grooming System that enables the clipper to easily cut hairs in the desired style. It includes detail shaver and detail trimmer etc. 
  • Also available with the rotary nose, beard and ear hairs that ensures that a user at home can easily reach these areas where cutting hairs is not an easy task. 
  • Because of the installed Self-Sharpening Precision Blade, it can easily cut all types of hairs and gives an amazing performance for beard and haircut.   

Why Do Users Like It?

From the users’ review, it comes into light that the following specifications are the unique features of the clipper that makes it be liked by the users.

  • Better steel trimming heads
  • Adjustable grooming heads
  • Trapezoidal plug with two separate prongs in the base
  • Provision of the cleaning brush and oil


  • Long four-hour runtime
  • Extremely Quick charging
  • Smart LED charge indicator
  • 12 easy to use attachments
  • Easy to use due to ergonomic design


  • Not eligible for international shipping

Buy Wahl Stainless Steel Hair Clipper

  • Remington PG6025 Grooming kit- Designed for DIY projects

Remington PG6025 Grooming kit is provided with high performing grooming power which facilitates you to control your style. There are 14 length and style settings which are perfect to get the desired style. Moreover, it includes an adjustable comb, three attachment heads, and three snap-on combs. 

Remington PG6025 Grooming kit

C is perfect for you to have a style at home. It also includes a full-size trimmer that can be used with or without a comb to complete your style. It is also great for facial hair, clean up your neckline, and sideburns. 

The textured grip provides you a firm control during use. It includes self-sharpening stainless steel blades which are durable and long-lasting. Moreover, all the attachments are washable and can rinse easily with water. 

It comes with a built-in lithium battery that is rechargeable and provides 65-minute cordless runtime. 

Prominent Features

Remington PG6025 Grooming kit is liked by the users due to the following prominent features. 

  • It comes with washable attachments which can be rinsed with the plenty of water very easily and quickly
  • It has a self-sharpening surgical steel blade that is long-lasting and durable.
  • It includes storage bad which is great for travel
  • It has a built-in battery to provide up to 65-minute runtime.
  • 14 lengths and settings for all size grooming tools such as ear, detailed trimmer, and nose.

Why Do Users Like It?

From the users’ review, it comes into light that the following specifications are the unique features of the clipper that makes it be liked by the users.

  • Fixable battery connections
  • Sharp and durable razor
  • Higher voltage 3.2V Lithium Battery


  • High voltage battery
  • Charge indicator light
  • Cordless lithium power
  • Self-sharpening surgical blade
  • 65-minute runtime
  • Washable attachments


  • May stop working after six months
  • Not eligible for international shipping

Buy Remington PG6025

  • Andis 04710 Hair Trimmer – Best for Professionals
Andis 04710 Hair Trimmer

Andis 04710 Professional T-Outliner is the best-known clipper available in the market. It is famous for making the best designs and for ideal fades because of the fine cutting teeth. It also has 8 feet long cord that makes it easy to use in long-distance places. 

This clipper comes with T-blade that ensures the ideal trimming for the mustache, beard, edging around ears and neck. Adis 04710 has a very easy grip because of which it results in smooth hair cutting and to design the desired hair cut. It has a powerful motor due to which it suits all kinds of hair.  

Prominent Features

Andis 04710 is one of the high demand clippers in the market because of the multiple significant features mentioned below.

  • The Counter Housing Fits results in a comfortable grip resulting in smooth hair cutting.
  • Close-Cutting Corbon-Cutting Steel-Blade makes it different from the other clippers and provides long-life cutting.
  • Andis 04710 comes with an 8-foot long cord that enables it to reach in other far areas as well as in the washroom etc. 
  • It is an amazing product that is perfect for dry shaving, fading, and all-round outlining.

Why Do Users Like It?

From the users’ review, it comes into light that the following specifications are the unique features of the clipper that makes it be liked by the users.

  • The clipper assist the user in easy and smooth cutting
  • User loves the quality of the blade that does not result in itching


  • Loaded with powerful T-blade which is perfect for cutting hairs of beard, mustache, around-ear, and neck.
  • Its 8 feet long heavy-duty cord provides a long-distance space for work.
  • Andis 04710, is best for all kinds of hairs.


  • Some users complain about the trimmer that it gets overheated because of which they had to take breaks while cutting the hairs.

Buy Andis 04710 Hair Trimmer

  • Philips Norelco MG7750/49 – Best for Home
Philips Norelco MG7750/49

Philips Norelco MG7750/49 Multigroom Series 7000, Men’s Grooming Kit for Men is one of the best which contains all those items which are the basic need to groom your beard.it is the best beard kit that consists of trimmer for beard, head, body and faces no blade oil needs for it and best for a healthy beard. The kit consists of trimmer for your choice beard, head, body and bread styling. It also consists of 23 pieces of beard styling trimmers. Moreover, 2x more self-sharpening blades that last up to 5 years also included It proved to be a perfect gift for a man in your life. It is the best beard grooming and a fully equipped beard kit.

Moreover, these trimmer has the following important these are washable, have fourteen reinforced trimming guards, premium stainless steel frames, steel trimmer, foil shaver, steel precision trimmer, nose, and ear trimmer and extra-wide hair trimmer. The premium beard kit consists of all those components that help in the finishing and styling of a beard.

It is ideal for beard hair and for your face as you groom. Fantastic at clearing out, and reduced oil secretion from the skin, fortify, and mellow your masculine texture. These kits are easily available online stores such as Amazone.

Prominent Features

Philips Norelco MG7750/49 Multigroom Series 7000, Men’s Grooming Kit for Men is one of the best which contains all those items which are the basic need to groom your beard. It has the following features :

  • It is the best beard kit that consists of trimmer for beard, head, body and faces no blade oil needs for it and best for a healthy beard.
  • It includes 2x  self-sharpening blades that last up to use for  5 years.
  • Consist of the full metal motor which has maximum power and torque 
  • It has strong and perfect fiberglass material to prevent bending and breaking, ensuring an even trim every time. It has a rechargeable battery made up of Lithium-ion that delivers up to 5 hours of run-time per charge.
  • It consists of a washable trimmer that has fourteen reinforced trimming guards, premium stainless steel frames, steel trimmer, foil shaver, steel precision trimmer, nose, and ear trimmer and extra-wide hair trimmer.

Why Do Users Like It?

From the users’ review, it comes into light that the following specifications are the unique features of the clipper that makes it be liked by the users.

  • All in one benefits
  • 100 percent steel and perfect material
  • Beneficial for beard health and styling. 
  • Easily available and reasonable prices
  • It is trimmer and blades both are perfect for beard health
  • It’s 100 percent lithium-ion made rechargeable battery made it long-lasting and perfect item
  • Reuse able and washable properties made if favorite for all.


  • Best for beard health and styling.
  • Remove oil and dust from bread due to 100 percent steel material and sharp blade.
  • All in one offer
  • Provide natural look to beard
  • Without scratching the blade of the trimmer


  • Sometimes its battery becomes damaged due to overuse.

Buy Philips Norelco MG7750/49

  • Cordless Hair Clippers and Trimmer Built-in 2000mAh- Best For Professionals
Cordless Hair Clippers and Trimmer Built-in 2000mAh

Cordless Hair Clipper and trimmer for men are designed for professional barbers. It comes with self-sharpening ceramic blades and a LED display to track the charging of the clipper. You can use this hair clipper to give your customers an excellent experience. 

Prominent Features

It has the following prominent features.

  • It is designed for professional barbers to give smooth and precise cutting.
  • It comes with a Li-ion battery that gives long runtime.
  • The blades are made of ceramic and are self-sharpening.
  • It includes a crystal clear LED display.

Why Do Users Like It?

From the users’ review, it comes into light that the following specifications are the unique features of the clipper that makes it be liked by the users.

  • The decent affordable cordless clipper
  • Sharp blades with a durable body


  • The speed of the motor can be adjusted easily
  • 5 – 6 hours cordless runtime
  • Dual operational and charging mode
  • Self-sharpening durable and ceramic blades


  • Does not make a clean cut
  • Pulls hair while cutting
  • Pretty noisy and vibrant

Buy Cordless Hair Clippers and Trimmer

Properties of the Best Hair Clippers

Before buying, you must find these qualities of the clipper that make it the best hair clipper. While finding the best hair clipper it is compulsory to know about the facility of use and cleansing. It is also advisable to have a look at its blades, length settings,  attachments, and motor. These are explained below briefly.

  • Simplicity in Use

The most important and prominent feature of the best hair clipper is that it is simple to use. The easiness of a hair clipper lies in its design, weight, and grip. A lighter hair clipper is easy to use. However, a heavier clipper with a unique design for grip is also easy to handle.

  • Proficiency in Cleansing

The best hair clippers also include the property to get wet without any harm. The cleaning of the clipper with water is easy as compared to the dry cleaning. Also, it takes less time for making it clean after use. The attachment of a small brush also helps in deep cleansing.  

  • Blades

The best hair clipper must have sharp blades for smooth cutting and trimming of hair. Cheap blades are very hard to use and these are also difficult to have a good looking design. Such blades may pull your hair leaving bald patches. 

The best hair clipper usually includes self-sharpening carbon blades. Some hair clippers also carry blades made of steel. The carbon made blades are very easy to maintain and they need very little effort for that purpose. 

The top-quality blades are mostly made of titanium but they are very costly. Besides it, the clippers with a ceramic blade are also present in the market. Ceramic blades are most convenient as they do not get warm while using. However, these blades are very weak and can break during use. 

  • Settings of Length

While choosing the best hair clipper, you must check its settings for varying lengths. The quality of a hair clipper to adjust the length is most important to provide you with your desired hairstyle.  

Moreover, the length of the comb ad guard also matters. There must be a number of variations in the length. 

If the hair clipper has no length variation facility then it must carry separate accessories to fulfill the purpose. All these properties count to offer the best hair clipper. 

  • Motors 

The motor of a hair clipper is the most important part as it determines its quality. Moreover, best hair clippers are differentiated from the other on the basis of the power of the motor. 

Thus a powerful motor creates ease for using the hair clipper. A hair clipper with a highly effective motor is best for professionals and home because it helps in achieving the desired hairstyle.  

Moreover, the quality of the motor used in the hair clipper is an essential factor for providing safety. Cheaper motors can burst at any time while quality motors are trustworthy. It also avoids overheating. The best hair clipper carries the most powerful motor which can be any of the following types.

  • Magnetic Motor

It is also called a universal motor and operates on AC as well as DC. It is a magnetic device that has the capacity to reach high speed. However, it produces noise and causes wear and tear with the passage of time. 

  • Pivot Motor 

These are the most powerful with low blade speed. They are very good at performing the task and are favored by most of the professionals.

  • Rotary Motors

It provides even blade speed but is very useful for providing a variety of cuts. 

  • Additional Attachments 

Most of the hair clippers in the market carry numerous additional accessories in the kit. These accessories play an essential role to maintain the hair clipper. The most common accessories are:

Storage Case

Most of the clippers come with additional accessories so it is important to provide the clipper with a storage case. It helps in organizing all the accessories in a reliable and professional way in one place. Moreover, a storage case protects the clipper and all the accessories from any damage.   

Cleansing Brush

Some quality hair clippers also bring a cleansing brush that helps in cleaning the clipper. It also removes the hair residues from the clipper. It is advisable to use that brush after every use. 

Spray for Clipper

Some hair clippers also bear clipper spray to kill the germs and bacteria. It is recommended to the professional barbers so that the germs cannot transfer from one person to the other. The use of sprays also helps in lubricating the clipper blades. 

Scissors and shears

Scissors and shears are the main tools of a barber to perform the duty. These types of equipment refine your haircut to make it good looking. 

Clipper Guards

Clipper guards are essential for the protection of clippers. However, some of the models carry clipper guards while others lack these. These clipper guards are made to fit on blades to protect from dust, air, and pollution. 

Clipper Oil

The high-quality hair clippers require clipper oil to maintain the proper shape. During the use, you must use a small amount of beard oil to work smoothly. 

The beard oil comes with clippers in a small bottle. This bottle lasts for a few months with the usage of two or three drops during each use. However, it can also be purchased separately in case of non-availability with the hair clipper. 

Difference Between Home Clippers and Professional Clippers

The hair clippers which come to be best in 2022 are useful in cutting and trimming. But all of these clippers are not beneficial for professional barbers and do-it-yourself individuals. There are some features that differentiate the professional clippers from those of the home kits. By keeping in mind you can buy a hair clipper which best suits you.

  • Accessories

The hair clippers that are specifically designed for professionals to carry more accessories. Those accessories include lubricating oil, guide combs, blade guards, and cleansing brushes.

The hair clippers for home are limited to few accessories. Scissors and shears are mostly not included in such hair clippers. 

The clippers made for professionals usually carry heavy-duty motors. It is because of the nature of their duty. The powerful motors make it easy to work faster along with cleaner cuts.  

The clippers with a weak motor can work for home as these are used now and often. However, the best hair home clippers are often built with powerful motors. 

  • Types

The clippers for professional and do-it-yourself users may come with or without cord. 

The professionals use a lengthy cord to handle the shop and customer during rushy hours. The stay-at-home barbers can also use a long cord but due to limited space, they prepare to purchase a hair clipper with limited cord. 

The cordless clippers with more battery timing are used by the professional barbers. The hair clippers for professionals are made with a high-quality battery as compared to the clippers for home use. 

  • Price

Price is the most significant feature which differentiates professional clippers from those of the home clippers. 

The professional hair clippers are specifically built with high quality and provision of more accessories. That is why such hair clippers are expensive and the professional barbers have to pay more for these hair clippers. 

However, the hair clippers for stay-at-home barbers are also high quality but these can be purchased in less money. The lack of extra accessories makes them economical. 

  • Ease of Styling

The professional hair clippers are very flexible for hairstyling. They provide easy to create professional haircuts. 

However, the do-it-yourself hair clippers are a bit rigid and these do not provide a facility to cut hair in a professional way. 

  • Weight

It is kept in mind while making the hair clipper that these must be lightweight for professional use. The lightweight clippers are easy to handle. While heavy hair clippers may cause fatigue and may affect the work of barbers. 

Similarly, the hair clippers for the home must also be lightweight and easy to use. The lightweight clipper for home is necessary as it can cut and rim hair efficiently. 

Types of Hair Clippers

The hair clippers are of two types and they have their own pros and cons accordingly. One type is corded and the other one is cordless.

  • Corded Hair Clipper

The corded hair clipper is not recommended because of their uneven working. These can go out of power while running. It can save maximum power as long as it is on the plugin. The saved power is then utilized during the use. 

Most corded hair clippers come with long cords to make you restricted. However, it is beneficial as it helps in counting the rush on busy moments.   

  • Cordless Hair Clipper

Cordless hair clippers do not require any cord for their use. These are more appropriate to use. With the help of cordless hair clippers, the user has freedom of movement without any restriction. A cordless hair clipper can also be used in the bathroom while taking a shower. 

Cordless hair clippers are easy to use without any limit but they require more power to complete the task. That is why their battery timing ends fast. 

The less battery timing needs to charge the clipper from time to time. However, the model and the material of the battery can increase the runtime of the battery. 

How to Use the Hair Clipper in a Professional Way

Hair clippers need a step by step procedure to follow. It is necessary to know about the techniques of use to have a professional haircut.

  • Step#1: Get your Hair Wet

For using a hair clipper, you must wash your hair and get them wet. The wet hair is easy to cut and trim with the help of a hair clipper. The extra waves must be removed to get rid of the tangles.

However, professional barbers use a water spritzer for this purpose. They spritz drops of water before cutting and trimming.   

  • Step#2: Choose the accessory Accordingly

There are a number of additional attachments that have a specific purpose. So the user must be aware of all the accessories and before getting the start, choose the right one accordingly. 

Different guards are attached to the clipper so these must be used wisely. Different hair length needs different types of accessories to use.

By having the right tool for the right purpose you can create the desired hairstyle. Moreover, the right tool can perform the task efficiently. While the use of the wrong tool can create a problem for you. And you can end up with an ugly haircut. 

  • Step#3: Keep Towel or Barber’s Cap to Avoid any Mess

It Is crucial to have a towel or barber’s cape around the neck to avoid the hair from entering into the shirt. The most professional use a barber’s cape to make their customer comfortable and avoid any mess.

However, the do-it-yourself barbers must use a plastic sheet on the floor so that the stray hair can be collected easily.

  • Step#4: Start the Process

By having all the necessary tools you can start the cutting and trimming process. Follow the right way to have a professional haircut. 

  • Step#5: Start from the Base of Head 

You must start from the base of the head and go to the other side. From the base of the head first, go towards the top of your head in the upward direction. By tilting the head back must be trimmed smoothly.  A little pressure is required so that the hair clipper can be held firmly to avoid slipping. 

To get an efficient and good looking trim you must use the hair clipper against the direction of the hair. 

  • Step#6: Move to One Side

After finishing the back you must move to one side of the head. From the base of the side, you must make a start. Start with the back of the side and then move to upwards. It is also recommended to pull the ear out of the way to have a cleaner and refined cut around them. 

Moreover, you must work in the direction opposite to the natural growth. To find the natural pattern of growth run your hands into the hair. The direction which is more resistant to your hair is opposite to the natural hair growth

  • Step#7: Trim the Top Side

For the purpose of trimming the top, you must start from the forehead. While doing so you must follow the hairline to have a professional look. 

The trimming of the other parts of the heads needs a smooth and steady process to follow. Work with a suitable amount of hair each time. 

  • Step#8: Give a Final Touch

When done with all the hair go for giving a final touch to the hair. The final details end in a good and refined haircut. For that purpose, take a blade guard and hold it in the vertical direction. The clipper perpendicular to the skin provides you with a fine-tuned hair cut around the ear. Moreover, you can also have a clean hairline around the back of the neck. The tidiness in the neck is achieved by pressing the clipper firmly.

The hair clippers can also be used for styling facial hair. You can have a stylish beard by using the beard clipper. 

Techniques to Make your Best Hair Clipper Long-lasting

The professional, as well as home hair clipper, has many distinctive features that provide easiness for the user. However, the quality hair clippers listed above are a bit more expensive. These hair clippers require more attention to maintain their quality. 

Using hair clippers with care and investing a little time to maintain them can make your hair clippers long-lasting. Some working techniques are beneficial for the maintenance of the hair clippers. 

  • Cleansing

It is advised to clean the blade before and after use.it is necessary to prevent the germs to enter into skin cells. Moreover, regular cleaning is the best way to avoid wear and tear. 

May hair clippers come with cleaning kits. If your hair clipper does not carry these cleaning tools with it then it is inexpensive to buy separately. The other way to make the blade of your hair clipper clean is to use the old fashioned hard toothbrush.  

Moreover, blowing can also fulfill the purpose and you can have a clean hair clipper. There are numerous other methods to clean the clipper but these can be proved unprofessional for the hair clipper. 

  • Washing

The clips of the clipper used as adjusters are very sensitive and come in contact with rusting if there is any drop of water. So a lot of care is needed while washing the clipper. For a washing purpose, you must remove them from the clipper and then put them in hot and soapy water for some time. Then use a fine cotton cloth or towel to make them dry. Also, leave them for a few minutes so the moisture can vanish from these. 

  • Aligning 

To have a cut or trim the alignment process is very important. For this purpose, you must hold the hair clipper from sides and look down through its length. 

In addition to this, the blade of the hair clipper must be straight and sharp. The blades which carry loose teeth can easily leave cuts on the scalp. 

Sometimes you need to lose the blade then wiggle it back in its place. For doing so you can use a screwdriver.

  • Oiling

The hair clipper must run smoothly without creating any restrictions. The smooth running of the clipper can be ensured with the help of two or three drops of oil. 

There are many cases when the clipper breaks down while running. On tracking the reason, it is found that the clipper has been used without oil for a long time.  

Thus it is advised to use oil to your hair every on every use to avoid any damage. Use only some drops of oil on each corner of the blade so that oil can reach into narrow areas. You must also apply oil to the teeth of the blade. 

After applying the oil it is necessary to run the hair clipper for a few seconds. This is to wipe out the excess oil which may be present on the hair clipper. After that, you can use the hair clipper.

This is a very easy and short process to follow but is worthwhile to make your hair clipper long-lasting. 

  • Spray

To keep the blades of the hair clipper it is mandatory to use a clipper spray. The professional barbers must have the spray on their shop as it is part of their necessary tools. In addition to keeping the blade cool, the spray disinfects the germ from the hair of the clients. It also protects the blade from wear and tear and keeps dust away from it.

  • Change of Blades

Sometimes the blades get broken due to carelessness and lack of oil. In such a situation the blades require to be changed. The process of changing the blade is a little bit easy. For this purpose, you need a spare blade to replace the old one. 

It is advised to the professional barbers that they must have spare blades so that they can change the damaged one promptly. In this way, they can continue their work swiftly.   

The styling way of cutting and trimming is mostly dependent on the quality of the hair clipper. However, every person adopts different ways to meet their needs. The hair clippers present in the market have different and distinctive features. You must find one that is the best hair clipper for you and can completely fulfill your requirements. 

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