Remington Electric Razor

The Remington electric razor is one of the best products for head shaving. This is because it has stainless steel in it which saves the skin from different types of diseases or septic that can be caused by stain on the blade of the shaver. This head shaver for men is very light which makes its usage easier than other shavers.

The shaver consists of pivot and flex foil technology which is very unique allowing the skin of the head to remain smooth. Moreover, the shaver can last for about 60 minutes cordless and comes with a rechargeable battery. The best part is that it is washable under the faucet which cleans the razor properly.

Teamyo Head Shavers

This razor gives a very deep and smooth shave adapting to the contours of the face which gives a comfortable shave. The total time it takes to shave the whole head is 3-5 minutes which is very impressive. The teamyo shaver gives about 90 minutes average time if fully charged and is mostly digital which makes the shaver more user-friendly and easy to use.

The best part is that this shaver comes with 4 additional attachments including a hair clipper, guide comb, beard trimmer, nose hair trimmer, and facial cleansing brush. The teamyo shaver comes with extra special blades as well which makes the razor a lot more special than others.

Phillips Norelco Razor

This razor cuts closer to the skin which cuts the hair deeply from the scalp and is cordless. This razor consists of a unique contour detect technology that cuts the hair according to the face and 20 percent more hair in a single go which is more comfortable. It is designed in a way that prevents irritation on the skin due to its rounded tips and comb.

This electric shaver for head comes with an Ion Lithium battery and consists of 100-240 volts for electric voltage. The Phillips razor weighs just 1.08 pounds which makes the razor very easy and light giving a smooth and fluent shave for the head.

SEFON electric shaver

The reason why this shaver is unique is that it comes with an automatic charger battery source. The SEFON shaver is an all in one shaver which has 5 detachable attachments. This shaver can also be used for a body shaver and you can enjoy hair-free smooth skin. You can quickly and comfortably shave short as well as long hair.

This shaver for head is very easy to carry and can be proved very essentials while traveling. It is also washable and easy to clean. The shaver comes with a cleaning gel and brush which makes cleaning easier for the trimmer leading to a smoother shave.


The surker shaver is an amazing product for those who want a clean and smooth head shave. This razor comes with multiple adjustment speeds and 2 different knife meshes which lets the razor cut and adjust the speed according to the thickness and amount of hair resulting in a smooth shave.

This is one of the best electric head shaver for men as it has all the capabilities one needs to shave hair. This razor consists of a popup precision trimmer so that the hair can be managed and shaved easily. The razor has a guarantee that unlike the other razors your hair will not get stuck in the shaver.

Roziahome Electric Razor

This  razor is mostly known because of its ergonomic design that makes this one special. It is designed in such a way that the hand has the perfect grip while shaving and the trimmer do not slip. Moreover, there is a 5 direction floating heads shaver in it which provides total control and is manageable.

Also, the blades are rounded which move smoothly over the skin, helps enlarge the area that is contacted, and reduces irritation which is more comfortable for users. Furthermore, the shaver has USB charging support which means that we can charge it anywhere if needed, it also comes with led indicators. Lastly, the trimmer is waterproof which saves it from getting damaged if water goes in the shaver.

MAX T Mens Electric Shaver

This shaver is really famous and used all around the globe. Most of the customers of this shaver are really satisfied with it and give really positive responses. This electric head shaver for men comes with some great qualities. Some of these are painless, low noise, hypoallergenic, 3D rotary close shaving accomplished by a high-speed powerful motor, 4 direction flex heads, and hypo-allergenic double-track stainless steel blade.

It has a double grade pop up trimmer which helps the razor to glide through the hair shaving very fluently without pain or any hair getting stuck. The max T men’s shaver also has a smart lock that locks the machine for safety if not used for 3 seconds continuously with the power turned on.

HOMEASY Electric shaver for men

This  Razor is very much used and preferred by people. This is Amazon’s best choice in shavers as well which makes it a special razor than the other ones already. This shaver is not just for shaving the head but it is a multifunctional grooming kit that gives high and better performance on the hair causing no trouble.

Unlike others, this shaver has a lithium battery inside it which gives higher peak performance with more smooth shaves and a long-lasting battery which is also replaceable. The homeasy shaver has a special design that is very user-friendly and smart which fits easily into the grip of the hands; is lightweight and portable too.

Andis 17150 Shaver

This shaver has staggered head shaver blades which gives good quality shaves making no cuts on the skin. This product is the no.1 bestseller around the world in many places due to its impeccable results and the quality it is. According to the price of this shaver, it is very reasonable and also affordable.

This shaver is ideal for finishing stubble and haircuts like fade, slope or spikes which are comparatively difficult than normal hair shave which adds versatility and style in the cut and shave. This makes the shaves and trim look more obvious and better.

Phillips Norelco OneBlade

This is a revolutionary electric shaving and grooming tool designed especially for men who keep long beards, stubble, or different kinds of facial hair. This razor blades, shaves and cuts all types and all lengths of hair. This Blade lasts for about 4 months which gives the best shaving results with a 100% guarantee. 

It is easier to style your hair with this shaver as well because the blades in this shaver have precise edges and cuts so that the lineup is styled easier than before. It is rechargeable and can be charged in any way, either with its own power cable or a USB cable as well. This is what differentiates this electric head shaver for men than the other local shavers as this shaver gives a pure guarantee about its performance.

CHLANT Electric Shavers Men, Waterproof Wet & Dry Electric Razor for Men

This is an extremely affordable electric head shaver for men, and has amazing reviews! It comes with a genius LCD display which will allow you to see how long the battery will run, and how much the battery percentage is. Moreover, the precision blade is great to get that bald look of yours. It adjusts according to your head, allowing you to shave of your hair with ease.

Apart from this, the entire body of this electric head shaver for men is waterproof. Doesn’t that solve most of our concerns in a second? Similarly, you can use it on both wet and dry skin, eliminating the need to use any expensive products or gels and foams. Moreover, it comes with quick USB charging making it less time-consuming. Now you don’t have to freak out when there is no time, and the razor isn’t charged. Within a few minutes worth of wait, you are good to go.

Sovob Electric Shavers for Men

This electric head shaver for men is great for painless and less noise making shaving sessions. Many men swear by this because of hoe handy, and affordable this is. Moreover, it is entirely waterproof, and can also be used in the shower. Won’t that be saving so much of our precious time? Moreover, it can charge completely within 60 minutes and can be used for around 90 minutes, continuously! 

Moreover, this comes with well-equipped motors, which work at high speeds and can painfully remove hair while adjusting to all curves on the head. Furthermore, it is perfect for sensitive skin and is very gentle on the head. It causes no redness, sores, or burns. Apart from this, the razor is well known for leaving behind residue. Who won’t want so many features in such an affordable electric head shaver for men?