Best DHT Blocker Shampoos 2022

Hair Loss

Hair loss which is also called alopecia is a common concern for men, women and children of all ages. Recent research shows that men can lose more hair as compared to women, which is mostly due to male baldness pattern. The most common reasons of hair loss includes vitamin deficiency and also due to health conditions. One of the best solutions to stop hair loss in both men and women are to treat them with DHT blocking shampoos. Because they contain some anti-DHT shampoo ingredients that are proven to reduce DHT level and trigger the growth of hairs.

Top DHT Blocker Shampoos

Some of the top DHT blocker shampoos that are used to stop the hair loss in both men and women are listed below:

Shapiro MD Shampoo

It has a top ranking amongst DHT blocker shampoos in market. It contains both shampoo and conditioner for complete features at an affordable cost. It has 60 days money back guarantee for all purchases. You can return your purchases for a full refund if you are not satisfied with its results. For recovering the hair loss in both men and women, this product contains triple action formula of pharmaceutical-grade ingredients. With highly strict assurance of quality, this product is manufactured in those labs which are FDA approved and GMP certified. It contains 3 main active ingredients that are Saw Palmetto Berry extract, EPIGALLOCATECHIN-3-GALLATE (EGCG), and Caffeine.

Shapiro MD Shampoo

Saw Palmetto Berry Extract

This ingredient is rich in those vitamins and antioxidants which gives many health benefits to individuals. It has been used in medicinal treatments for centuries. It is used to stop/slow down the production 5 alpha reductase involved in the reduction of dihydrotestosterone (DHT).


By its name this ingredient belongs to the catechin family. These catechins are found naturally in green tea. Recent studies showed that green tea has started regrowth of hair in mice. This ingredient can help in reducing the production of 5-alpha reductase and it also helps in protecting and triggered the growth of follicles resulting in the improved results over the long period.

Caffeine Derivatives

It is an effective DHT blocker. It contains powerful anti-oxidant properties and it can enter into the scalp in few minutes of practice. Green also has some traces of caffeine in it, which makes an excellent DHT blocker combination. Those individuals who used Shapiro MD product have reported that they have thicker, stronger and healthy hair. It also helps in restoring moisture, repairing and also treating those hairs which are damaged from coloring and styling. Many women who have not observed any results from other brands have positive reviews about Shapiro. In case of using any product individual results may vary. The manufacturers suggest using it on daily basis for maximum results.

Clinical Effects Hair Therapy Shampoo

It is a new product which is made by Meliorra LLC. It was designed to fight against hair loss. It is designed for minimizing the DHT effects on hair follicles and it is free from paraben and sulfate. It is made of natural ingredients like Clover flower extract and Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Oil.

Clinical Effects Hair Therapy Shampoo


  • It has a light smell and it not heavy medicated smell like many other products..
  • There is no need of buying specialty product as it is used for both men and women.
  • The manufacturers give no questions asked guarantee of 90 days./span>
  • It is easily affordable as compared to many other similar products of the market.
  • Women over 50 have excellent reviews for this product.


  • You have to use it on daily basis, which mean it can run out quickly.
  • You need to buy something separately as there is no companion product conditioner available.
  • While users will observe some changes immediately, actual growth will be much longer than the preferred growth.
Hair Loss Stages

What is DHT?

DHT also called as dihydrotestosterone. It is a hormone present in both men and women which affects their hair health. One of the most common causes of male pattern baldness is the excess production of DHT. When the production of new follicles is stopped by hair follicles than male pattern baldness or Alopecia areta occurs. This anagen process is slows down in hair growth cycle which results in the thinning of hair. By the time, this process changed into shorter cycle of hair growth which impairs growth of new hair. It prevents hair growth from growing as larger and stronger as they were before. Hair starts fall out completely when the anagen process is over in the hair growth cycle.

In short it is a natural hormone which helps in the development of male characteristics in men. One of its major contributions in male pattern hair loss is that it can cause miniaturize the hair follicles. Over half of the men observe hair losses that are of 50 years old. Treatment methods having natural ingredients which act as DHT blockers can be proved in preventing the hair loss.

How DHT Blockers work?

As described already, DHT helps in preventing hair follicles from absorbing those nutrients which causes them to decrease and ultimately stops the new hairs from growing. DHT Blocker can work by binding it to the 5a-reductase enzyme and slowly stops the body from DHT production. This helps hair follicles in growing back to its normal size which resumes the process of hair growth.

How Effective Is An Anti-DHT Shampoo?

Recent experiments which are tested on the 2 most popular DHT blockers like Finasteride and Minoxidil have found its results to be very effective.

Why Shapiro MD Hair Loss Shampoo?

Recent related studies have shown that the solutions like Minoxidil and Finasteride have some unlikable side effects like

  • Dizziness
  • Weakness
  • Libido loss
  • Breasts swelling

No permanent results. All the hairs which are retained during that period will fall out if Propecia or Finasteride is discontinued. By comparison, Shapiro MD hair loss shampoo is an natural product and it boost the regrowth of hair having no side effects.

DHT Blocker Side Effects

DHT blocker shampoo or hair loss additives are relatively safe for usage. Products having some harsh chemicals present in them like finasteride dutasteride can cause side effects as we discussed earlier. Using those products that are rich in natural ingredients proves to be safer for use. Individual results can vary like any other product. Consult with a licensed dermatologist or medical professional for advice if you are allergic to any ingredient.

What Causes Hair Loss?

When hair regrowth cycle slows down or stops than hair loss happens. By providing hair follicles with essential vitamins and nutrients can help in hair growth and makes them healthy and strong. The growth of hairs will stop when hair follicles appears to be damaged or plugged. The Conditions which causes hair loss includes:

  • Severe stress and tension
  • Diseases of skin and conditions
  • Current medical situations and illness
  • Taking medications and treatments like chemotherapy which is to treat cancer.
  • Nutritional deficiency or deficiency of Vitamins
  • Having poor diet
  • Imbalance of hormones
  • Excessive treatment of chemicals
  • Pattern of baldness of male
  • Advanced hair styling
  • Aging
  • Little sleep

You need a stronger treatment recommended by a dermatologist if you are suffering from a serious medical condition or illness.

Additional DHT Blockers

Following are the additional DHT Blockers which are described below.

Lipogaine Hair Regrowth Shampoo

Lipogaine is a well-established hair loss shampoo which was manufactured in 2012. It has ketoconazole as a potent ingredient in it as a anti hair loss solution. Following are the goods and bad of the Lipogaine.

Lipogaine Hair Regrowth Shampoo


  • It has natural ingredients like saw palmetto, copper tripeptides, emu oil etc in it.
  • It contains good amount of Ketoconazole.
  • It can be applied easily.
  • It involves in helping with the shedding and tingling.


  • It progresses slowly.

Simply Lipogaine is a power packed choice having multiple advantages which are listed above. It has natural ingredients and paraben free it in.

You don’t need to worry about Lipogaine but it takes time in producing results. To know your money’s worth you need to be passionate and have to follow the directions that how to use it.

The Ugly

  • One of the ugliest features of it is that it can quickly run out.

This product is excellent but it leads to quickly run out. You need to know this point before purchasing.

Final Thoughts

It is an excellent hair loss shampoo and has positive reviews of people as a reliable product. It is easy to apply and can work for longer duration. It takes time to generate results while it will have a positive effect on hair loss and also on your scalp.

Procerin Hair Loss Shampoo

Procerin Hair Loss Shampoo

It has clinically proven and natural DHT blocking ingredients in it that performs with the safety requirements of FDA and GRA which helps in eliminating the enough DHT from scalp and also stops the hair loss.

It has rich panthenol and olive oil extracts which helps in repairing, Strengthening and making thicker hair follicles which helps in fighting against the further hair loss.

Dermatologists suggested that use this product for at least 1-2 months before you observe some results.

This has some ingredients which are beneficial for women, while most of the active ingredients are made for men who are facing hair thinning and hair loss problems.


  • It works best on those men who are facing hair loss problems.
  • It has high quality and can be easily affordable.
  • It has Positive reviews from the customers who used this solution.


  • May be it does not proves to be that much effective on women as on men.
  • May be it cannot work for the other hair related problems.
  • Some of its customers complained that it has some minor side effects.

Final Thoughts

It is an excellent alternative of Shapiro MD and clinical effects.

Ultrax Labs Hair Surge

Ultrax Labs Hair Surge

It emerges as a pop up potential hair loss solution when it comes to the DHT blocking. It is designed with 23 those  vitamins which are important for the regrowth of the hairs, hair thickening in thin areas of the scalp, and also gives nourishment and nutrients to hair follicles which they require for regrowth of the healthy hairs.

The Pros and cons and the ugly of this product is described below.


  • Its fragrance is unique
  • It has a powerful and consistent action of DHT blocking.
  • It makes hair soft and silky.


  • It can be squeezed out of the bottle hardly.

It has positive reviews from the people around the world who are using this product which makes this product an excellent hair loss solution. It is best for DHT blocking that feels great in the hair and it lefts pleasant feeling because of its unique fragrance.

You face difficulty in managing the bottle especially when shampoo gets to the bottom. This proves to be challenging for some users but it’s not a deal breaker. You have to keep this point in mind before using the solution daily.

The Ugly

  • It is expensive as compared to others.

You will be worried about its price tag. Customers find this product as high quality and its price is so high as compared to the others.

Final Thoughts

It makes hair shinier, makes each strand stronger, and reduces the underlying hair loss problems by the combination of Nettle Leaf Powder, Gotu Kola Powder, and Solubilized Keratin. So, Ultrax Labs Hair Surge is a reasonable DHT blocking choice and delivers top quality in hair loss solution. It can be applied easily, have unique fragrance and does the trick over the time.

Bosley Bos Revive

Bosley professional strength Bos Revive is designed and formulated to renew the hair and scalp. It is designed for those who have thin hairs which are rising from the excess DHT.

Bosley Bos Revive

The Pros and the Cons of this product are discussed below.


  • People with all types of hair can use this product.
  • This product can be used if you have colored hairs.
  • It is suggested by the medical professionals.


  • It is confusing as there are separate products of men and women. If someone use the wrong product, than there will be chances of damage, including the risks of more hair loss.
  • In some cases, there are some people who used the product for an longer duration, and they have not observed any positive changes.

DrFormulas HairOmega DHT Blocker

It is a top quality product for hair regrowth treatments. It is commonly known for inhibiting the growth of hair. Hair follicles will be strengthened and repaired, healthy growth of hair is determined and DHT is blocked by using this product.

For excellent results, manufacturers suggested to use this product at least two times a day, once in the morning and once at night before going to bed.

This product is popular for improving shedding of hair and also thickening of thin hair.

Male customers who used this product have reported that this product helps in improving the smoothness of beard and thickening, which turns the beard to look fuller and healthier.

Because its results are not rapid, so the professionals suggested that use it on daily basis as instructed to observe positive results.

The Pros and Cons of this product are discussed below


  • It can be affordable easily.
  • This product encourages the healthy growth of hair.
  • It helps in reducing the shedding and DHT loss of hair.
  • It contains 100 % vegetarian and gluten free formula.
  • It has all the natural ingredients in it.
  • It improves the regrowth of hair at top of the scalp and around the hairline.
  • It is made in the United States in FDA inspected facility.


  • It has lack of results as reported by some customers.
  • It may take time to produce results depending on the type of hair.
  • Some customers reported some stomach problems as its side effects..
  • It may cause the falling of hairs.

ArtNaturals Argan Oil Shampoo for Hair Regrowth

ArtNaturals Argan Oil Shampoo for Hair Regrowth

With around 1200 reviews on Amazon, It is one of the top Argan Oil Shampoos for regrowth of hairs on the market nowadays.

It is 100 percent organic having all natural, BPA free, vegan, and sulfate free, and cruelty free ingredients in it. If the price is your major concern, than there is no better product than this product.

It is designed with Argan Oil, biotin, vitamin B complex, saw palmetto, and other clinically proven DHT blockers that helps in increasing blood circulation and regulate DHT.

By using it on daily basis can reduce the hair thinning and hair lose while helps in promoting healthy growth of hair.

The Pros and Cons of this product are discussed below.


  • It has DHT blocking ingredients in it which helps to stop hair.
  • It cleans the hair and makes them smooth.
  • It has all natural clinically proven ingredients in it.
  • It is affordable depending upon the product quality.


  • It is not a good product for people having dye hair.
  • May be it cannot work for all hair types.
  • According to the complaints of the customers it doesn’t smell great.


It is the method in which dead skin cells are cleaned and decimating the fatty acids that are collected on the surface of the scalp. This method helps hair in getting rid of particles of dead skin and the remains skin cosmetics like dyes, gels to get you a strong and voluminous hair. Peeling of skin is important in restoring the oxygen supply to the skin. It also help sin increasing the regeneration process, to removes the enough sebum, in regulating the blood circulation, in removal of dandruff and also helps in reducing the itching of scalp. Peeling is best for all types of hairs, but your skin has no damages, cracks and sores on it. It is suggested not to peel immediately after hair color it leads to disappearing of hair color. It is recommended to do this once in 1-2 weeks as the procedure is thoroughgoing. Its effects last for longer period.


  • Exfoliation of peeling helps in the nourishment of hair roots.
  • It increases the development of hair
  • It enhances the scalp tone by filling it with the oxygen.
  • Hair absorbs the solution after the peeling.
  • It helps in stops the improvement of dermatitis on the skin.

There are two types of peeling which are discussed below.

Mechanical peeling

It is used to remove the dead skin cells by the scrub.

Chemical Peeling

It contains different acids, dynamic and other comparative segments. An expert uses these elements by carefully analyzing the client’s skin and its condition.


In this treatment the scalp is cleaned with cleansing solutions for about 10 minutes. Keratinized epidermis particles are removed along with hair dyes remains and with hair care and other styling products. Skin starts to relax. It helps in reducing pores, and in toxin removal to allowing new hair gets easily access through to the surface. Blood regulation helps in activating the hair bulbs. It improves the new hair growth and also strengthens the exiting hairs. It is suggested to done it once in a month. By doing regular peeling, you forget many problems that are related to the scalp and many other things which help in hair thickness improvement.

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