12 Best Castor Oils for Hair Growth

This review will certainly help in allowing you to understand why you should use castor oil, to solve all your hair problems. Our top choices for the best castor oil for hair growth will not fail to satisfy you, and will take care of all your concerns! Here lies the key to having long and shiny hair that grows healthier. 

Are you scared of getting baldness at an early? Does hair fall from showering or brushing freak you out? Are you also looking for a method to grow your hair, and ensure its strength from the root as well?

If the answer to all our questions is a yes, then this article is meant just for you! Here, we will bring you some of the best castor oils for hair which will relieve you completely from all the stress these hair issues cause. Just give these amazing castor oils for hair a shot, and the results will leave you shocked. Moreover, once you try these, I promise that you will swear by these products and will have to try nothing else. The results of these shall fill you with happiness. 

Why use castor oils?

Castor oil for men’s hair is a very helpful and practical product for men today, who have been struggling with their hair. It can help solve all their major concerns, allowing them to keep their hair in the best form possible. Furthermore, it can take care of everything ranging from slow hair growth, hair fall, weak hair, baldness, and other issues that have stressed people out lately. Apart from all this, castor oil for hair growth comes with zero limitations, of course. It can be used by men, women, children, adults, and anyone who has problems as a solution to all of it. It is very user friendly and has minimal side effects. 

Studies suggest that about 10% of the whole world’s population is bald or is suffering from issues such as hair loss or hair fall. This indicates how strongly we need to take care of our hair, and encourages us to make use of this oil. Moreover, in today’s world, pollution is insanely high causing a lot of damage to our hair. Similarly, the lack of nutrients in our diet also causes the weakening of the hair. Hence, castor oil can act as the easiest solution in this era to solve these issues while keeping up with our busy lives. 

Castor oil is not bound to be used on the head only, it can also be used for better skin as a moisturizer, reduce acne, fight fungus, promote wound healing, and keep the head scalp healthy as well. Furthermore, another common use of castor oil is that it is utilized as a serum for the lashes and brows by so many beauty guru’s. 

How do these castor oils work?

Oil is extracted from a plant named Ricinus Communis, whose seeds are known as castor beans. This oil then undergoes a chemical heating process that allows safe use of the oil. Castor oil is applied to the hair, scalp, from roots to the ends like normal any oil for a couple of hours and then is washed off. Moreover, there are no side effects to using this oil such as a burning sensation, itchiness, irritation, or having to deal with bad smells from the hair. It is 100% pure and organic, usually without any added preservatives. 

Castor oil is rich in Ricinoleic acid which is a kind of fatty acid. When it is applied to the scalp, it nourishes the hair and allows it to become healthier. This ensures that the hair becomes hair much stronger, thicker, and also prevents hair loss. However, castor oil for hair takes about 6 months to show its results properly. But, once it starts working, the consumers become very happy and satisfied. In fact, most reviews show that consumers mention that their hair feels stronger, healthier, and they can see how it repairs any previous damage that had been done to the hair. 

What do dermatologists say about this?

Castor oil has turned into a very common hair product. A lot of people have used it for the betterment of their hair and have surely been blessed with positive results. Furthermore, they are completely safe to use and are said to be very effective and helpful for both the hair and skin. As it is an anti-inflammatory and is immensely nourishing. Similarly, the minimal side effects from this oil encourage it, greatly. 

Moreover, castor oilhelps control the issues of sensitive or dry skins as well. Hence, doctors and dermatologists also recommend castor oil for better skin and healthier hair. Apart from this, it is clinically tested and is one of the most well-researched beauty products. Doctors have also suggested that castor oil kills viruses and bacteria. 

However, doctors also suggest that one should be immensely careful while applying castor oil on the skin of a baby. Using castor oil on broken or damaged skin might cause irritation or even allergies. Moreover, only a certain amount of oil should be applied to the head, otherwise, it may cause the person to feel dizzy if used in excess amounts. Similarly, castor oils for hair growth shall be applied to the hair’s midsection and end protecting against breakage and would improve the hair texture. 

Apart from this, there are no important precautions to be taken when applying castor oil. As it is not harmful or dangerous in any sort of way. Moreover, doctors and dermatologists recommend it to most people for better hair growth and as a preventive measure against hair loss as it is a very effective product with great results. 

Sky Organics Castor Oil

Sky Organics Castor Oil

This castor oil for men’s hair is amazing. It is 100% pure castor and happens to be completely organic. Moreover, it is free of all inorganic or added preservatives. Similarly, it is the best source to get fatty acids for your roots that ensure healthy and strong hair growth from the root.

This castor oil for hair helps nourish the scalp and strands both. Moreover, this helps ensure that the health of the hair is not compromised. It allows us to restore the shine, and the silk feels of the hair that gets lost with time. The best part is, that this castor oil is multipurpose. It can also be used as a serum for the eyelashes and eyebrows.

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PURA D’OR Organic Jamaican black castor oil

PURA D’OR Organic Jamaican black castor oil

This is one of the best castor oil for hair and it is extremely famous due to its effect on how strong it makes the hair. This oil has guaranteed results as it has a lot of satisfied customers around the globe. Moreover, it is proved to be a great moisturizer for the skin and scalp which helps the scalp to be smooth, soft, reduce flakes, and stops itching as well. 

This castor oil for men is proved to be 100 % organic and nourishes the follicles which improve hair and make them stronger and healthier. Furthermore, this product is especially great for those who want to have long hair and cannot grow their hair due to hair loss or nutritional issues as this has vitamins, proteins, and fatty acids specially designed for stronger and healthier hair. 

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Live Fraiche Castor Oil

Live Fraiche Castor Oil

This product is amazing. Not just by word, this product gives a complete guarantee of being the best in the market. Moreover, it is proven by USDA to be completely organic with natural ingredients and this product is hexane-free. Unlike other products, no chemical was used while extraction of oil from castor beans which makes it safe for all kinds of skin types. 

The Live Fraiche castor oil for men’s hair is anti-bacterial and makes the scalp 100 times smoother, softer, and makes the hair thicker, longer, and healthier. Apart from this, it deeply penetrates the hair and skin delivering vitamins and proteins that will stimulate growth and heal the hair to a very big extent.

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Handcraft castor oil

Handcraft castor oil

The handcraft castor oil is a great product for everyone who is suffering from hair fall. This product is completely undiluted and unfiltered without any preservatives or any kind of filler. Similarly, It can be used to enhance the hair color and make the hair thicker because of this oil locks in moisture. It also helps in the circulation of blood in the scalp which is great for hair growth.

It is highly viscous and the oil goes deep into the skin tissue and pores and is completely pure which helps the hair and skin to show much better results with a guarantee. Moreover, The HANDCRAFT castor oil can be used for head massages too if there is painful sensation or dizzy feel to the head. The oil works as a medicine to soothe and soften the scalp and skin which reduces the pain and tension.

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OKAY Jamaican castor oil

OKAY Jamaican castor oil

This castor oil for men is useful for all kinds of hair textures and specializes in hair growth al around which includes eyelashes, hair, eyebrows, etc. this replenishes and also is a great product to nourish the scalp which is itchy or either dry. Furthermore, it is made in a way that makes the hair more smooth and manageable as well as shinier and thicker. 

The OKAY castor oil has a lot of advantages itself which is very important when it comes to castor oils. Similarly, it consists of nutrients such as OMEGA 6 and 9, and proteins which would help the hair in better ways.

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Cold Pressed Castor Oil

Cold Pressed Castor Oil

Using this oil is a great alternative for the other home remedies that are done for better hair. The specialty of this castor oil for men’s hair is that it is completely made up of one ingredient in which the castor oil itself extracted straight from castor beans which means there are no additional ingredients or TMO’s in it. 

When this castor oil is used, it improves blood circulation and helps hair growth making the hair grow at a faster pace as well as making the hair less damaged. Furthermore, this is a pure essential oil that is perfect for soothing aromatherapy. Hence, this oil will show better results if it is combined with different natural oil which would help add the advantages of both the oils. 

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Home Health Castor Oil

Home Health Castor Oil

This castor oil for men is different and great for the hair and also really effective as it penetrates inside the skin working on the inside as well as the outside making skin softer and supple. Moreover, it is preferred because as well as making the hair healthier and stronger this oil makes the hair silkier and shinier along with solving hair problems like split ends.

This castor oil for hair is free of irritants such as mineral oil, glutens, and parabens. HOME HEALTH can be differentiated from other oils as it is developed with specially made botanicals to make the scalp softer.

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SheaMoisture Jamaican Castor Oil

SheaMoisture Jamaican Castor Oil

This castor oil for hair is a great solution for damaged hair or unhealthy hair. Furthermore, this acts as a conditioner and hydrates the hair, repairs the damaged hair, and protects the hair from breakage and shedding. Due to the heating process and hair drying, the hair gets weak and damaged so this castor oil helps a lot to strengthen the damaged hair.

This oil is perfect for people who regularly color, curl, or straighten their hair. Similarly, this castor oil is formulated and combined with Shea butter and gives the hair more strength to protect them and make the hair better. In reality, the best part is that SheaMoisture is cruelty-free, formulated with 0 silicones, sulfates, petroleum, and phthalates. 

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Heritage Store Palma Christi Organic Castor Oil

Heritage Store Palma Christi Organic Castor Oil

The heritage store Palma castor oil gives guaranteed brilliant results and it is trusted all around the world. It gives a fuller appearance and shinier final touch to the hair. Apart from this, this oil does not just give a guarantee about the hair but also guarantees a softer and better scalp with no proof of dry skin on the scalp.

This castor oil does not even require an ample amount to be applied but just a little amount of oil would be perfect for the results which would be thicker, and shinier hair than before. Furthermore, heritage store castor oil is completely vegan and cruelty-free with no harms made during the production process. In reality, customers have always been satisfied with the results and always give out positive remarks about this castor oil brand for hair saying that this oil made the hair texture 100 times better and shinier.

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Dr Joe Lab CocoJoco Castor Oil

Dr Joe Lab CocoJoco Castor Oil

This castor oil is made from the highest levels of polyunsaturated acids which form the fatty acids. These acids work spectacularly in the scalp and in the hair to make them grow longer, thicker, healthier, and bolder. Moreover, tt goes inside the hair and moisturizes the hair stopping the hair from leaking moisture and the vitamins.

This castor oil works on frizzles, dryness, split ends, dandruff, hair loss, and many kinds of problems. It is a hair regrowth tonic with a lot of natural nutrients and proteins. Moreover, it not only protects the hair from falling but also stimulates new growth of hair. This castor oil is more than an excellent moisturizer, but it also restores hair health making them amazing. 

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Brooklyn Botany Castor Oil

Brooklyn Botany Castor Oil

This castor oil for men’s hair is very different from the other castor oils. This oil is 100% vegan, fragrance-free, hexane-free, preservative-free, and chemical-free nor does it contain alcohol, parabens, or any damaging ingredient. Hence, it helps the natural color and appearance of the hair to nourish and keep the hair as well as the scalp moisturized and boosts hair growth making the hair thick and healthy.

This castor oil can be used to dilute oils which are essential or fractionated. This is one of the most used castor oils and customers are always happy with the results of how their hair changed and get a lot better and less damaged than before. Moreover, this castor oil has been used by a lot of people and it shows better results when mixed with different oils as it has the potential to gather the qualities of other oils and absorb them which would help the hair and scalp more than usual.

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Gya Labs Castor Oil

Gya Labs Castor Oil

This castor oil for men’s hair is great to stimulate hair growth and make the hair healthier. This is especially preferred for those who have problems like split ends or their hair does not grow long because this castor oil absorbs into the hair and works on the cells of the scalp. Furthermore, the oil is safe from all kinds of chemicals, preservatives, and acids that would damage the hair. 

If you want to tame frizz and promote lustrous hair growth then this oil is the product you should use for your hair. In fact, the Gya Labs Castor Oil works very well on wavy and curly hair to make them straight and healthier. It is sourced from ETHIOPIA AND COLD-PRESSED with the grease-free formulation and absorbs quickly leaving no oily residue and is perfect for hair growth.

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Tips on how to make better use of castor oil

There are hundreds and thousands of ways in which castor oil can be used to produce even better results for the hair and scalp. Moreover, it can be mixed with different types of oils or suggested ingredients. Castor oil when mixed with other oils and natural ingredients rich in nutrients brings out very positive results. Hence, we have found many solutions that would just not stop hair fall by using castor oil, but also regain its potential and strength for fast and better hair growth. 

Castor oil is very thick and viscous. Hence, if it is mixed with different oils, the application of the oil on the head becomes much easier allowing it to be easily massaged into the scalp. It can be mixed with oils like olive, sunflower, and sesame seed. Hence, if castor oil for hair is mixed with these oils, the benefits of both will be added providing even better results. 

Castor Oil would also show better results if it is heated before applying. This would help the oil to absorb more properly in the scalp by the hair. This would help to get rid of dandruff flakes and allow the roots to breathe and grow properly. Similarly, this strengthens the roots as well. Moreover, after applying castor oil on the head, it should be left on for at least one hour. This will allow the castor oil to completely work its magic, enhancing the produced results. 

Furthermore, it is also preferred by most people that the castor oil is mixed with rosemary essential oil and then heated for 5-10 minutes. We should massage it slowly in the roots and scalp so that the oil is absorbed properly into the scalp and does its work properly. Leave it that way for about half an hour and then wash the oil with a mild shampoo so that the oil is washed properly after it has done its work. This is a holy grail for so many out there and is a dermatologist-approved method.  


After a lot of experimentation on my hair with different castor oils, I would say that Live Fraiche Castor oil has to the best castor oil for men’s hair. This is because Live Fraiche guarantees 100% result and also gives a guarantee that all of the ingredients being used in the production are original and also USDA certified which makes it sure that the castor oil is 100% pure and gives guaranteed results.

The best part about this castor oil for hair is that it is completely free of different kinds of chemicals and extra ingredients. Moreover, it is hexane, sulfate, cruelty-free which makes it completely different from other castor oils that are not completely pure. 

Live Fraiche Castor Oil is one of the oils that had a very good impact on my scalp, roots, and hair. Furthermore, it also repaired my damaged hair completely, solving all my problems of dandruff, hair fall, and hair breakage. After I used it, my hair had completely changed. They became thicker, stronger, longer, and healthier. I used it for about 2-3 months and the results were in front of me and I was pretty much very satisfied. Using the Live Fraiche castor oil alone would be enough for the hair to improve but I would prefer that it is applied with coconut oil on the head as coconut oil makes the roots and scalp smooth and soft allowing the castor oil to deeply penetrate inside the head and work at its best. As per my personal experience, I recommend every person that is facing similar problems to give this a try for a few months. I am sure, that the results will not fail to satisfy the core, acting as a single solution for a hundred problems. 

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